Everybody knows the feeling: you’ve studied so hard for a test, put hours of effort in learning the formulas, words or grammar, stayed up after your usual go-to-bed time but still, when you finally begin writing down your knowledge on the test, your brain is blank. Your mind can’t seem to remember what to fill in here or how to adjust your grammar there. Or when you get your result back and there is a grade on the paper that you did not expect. It is definitely a bummer and sometimes, it gets a little too much. Frustrated you throw the paper away and go home feeling disappointed. Since I am dealing with these situations too, I decided to write about it. Because how do you handle these disappointments?

A few tips on how to handle and learn from a bad grade:

  1. Take a moment to breathe in…. and breathe out. It’s okay to feel discouraged after a bad grade because yes, it does suck. But remember that even the most brilliant people have failed their tests. It is important to keep remembering and telling yourself that mistakes are there to be made, not to be avoided. One bad grade is not the end of the world and ten bad grades aren’t either. If you did everything you can, you can only praise yourself and move on.
  2. But if you haven’t done your best, this is a good learning moment. First rule: never throw your test in the garbage can right away! Reflect on what you did wrong, the preparation and your performance on the test, and take notes. Write it down and learn from them the next time you have a test. I.e.: if you are not good at adjusting grammar, practice on that. Every day, make room for 10 minutes of doing grammar exercises online or ask your teacher how you could improve that.
  3. If you have received several bad grades in a row, it might be a good idea to get a tutor. Someone who can help you with a subject and to who you can ask questions to is a very smart move to make in order to get your grades up. Maybe your school provides tutors, or you know someone through a friend who tutors? Or perhaps ask a classmate or someone older? It might be scary to ask but your end mark is important so be brave and ask around!
  4. As I already said earlier, learn from your mistakes. This is the best way to upgrade your grade (haha) and to grow as a student. Failing does not exist in my dictionary, so shouldn’t it in yours. There are plenty of websites where you can practice and learn more,including youtube.com or quizlet.com. Practice and practice and you’ll see results!

And one last tip on how to deal with bad grades:

Never let it bring you down! Never lose hope and keep doing your best because hard work pays off. Don’t be afraid to ask for help (sign of strength!) and love yourself for your past mistakes and your future lessons.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two & are feeling well and don’t forget to smile:).


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