Welcome to my blog. Let me tell you something about me (if you haven’t already read my  username or homepage :). I love books, music, movies, talking about mental health and everything that comes with it, recent happenings and lifestyle. I know, a little extended but these are the things that my mind feeds herself with. I love talking about life, how to handle certain situations, society and things/people that have influenced my life. And with this blog I hope to influence you a little too.



Every Monday: anything that is related to literature or music/movies

Every Wednesday: mental health/lifestyle/how to’s (whatever I find is interesting at that moment:).

Every Friday: talking & explaining a recent happening that has been in the news or is important to know.

I might switch some days up but every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will post an article!

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog & if you have any questions further, ask me in the comments below, contact me on instagram: @intellectualdork or send me an e-mail!


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