The book I will be reviewing today is Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. Talking about sexual abuse, love and traumas, this book is touching but with a fantastic storyline.

Sky Davis is a teenage girl who lives with her single mother when she starts high school, for the first time ever after being homeschooled her entire childhood. But unfortunately her best friend, who is supposed to support her, moves away a few days before the year starts so Sky is alone when she first arrives at school. A couple days later she meets Dean Holder, a boy who is mysterious but drawn to Sky. Sky is feeling the same energy too. But there is a secret that can ruin or make their future, a secret that will change Sky in ways she cannot imagine. But will the truth come out and how will their life be effected by that?

This book is not a very ‘known book’ but the rawness and truthfulness is real. With a great storyline and the reality of awful happenings, such as sexual assaultment and traumas, amazingly displayed. When I read it I couldn’t stop reading, every chapter I wanted to move on to the next chapter, I read it not only before bed but in daytime too, which rarely happens when I’m busy (as I am usually:). It is first-rate written and left me thinking. I learned from it, saw different sides of stories but was also surprised in a good kind of way (especially in the end) and was left clueless every time I finished a chapter and had to stop reading. I wanted to continue so when the book ended, I needed a few minutes to recover. (Which for me is a very good sign:)

One thing I do have to mention: it can be triggering at the end for people who have dealt with sexual assault. I don’t think it is a trigger in a massive way but I do want to mention it here because I don’t want anyone to feel hurt reading this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to young adults, but also to parents and other adults. It is inspiring and so well written, it deserves to be more known and Colleen Hover did a really great job with writing this book.

Final grade: 9.0

Hope you could read my opinion clearly and that I convinced you to read this book as it is truly powerful and amazing:).


P.S. want to visit Colleen Hoover’s site? Click here! 

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