Women, men & children who fled from the south to US, will, in many cases, be arrested and sent to detention centers where they are being held. In the worst scenario, and this scenario unfortunately occurs often, the police splits the children & their caretakers and put the adults in jail. This has happened to over 2,500 children. The children are being locked away and this week images were released of how horrible and terrifying the situation is in these centers. This separation of families is made possible because of the zero tolerance policy that president Trump set up. But that is about to change.

What is the zero tolerance policy?

This is a policy set up so that every adolescent immigrant who comes into the US, is being detained, meaning they are held in official custody while the police investigates their past & possible crime involvement. This is so that any criminal activity in the US can be stopped before there are taken further steps and that immigrants who ‘might be dangerous’ will be send back to their home country.

What does it mean ‘he halts the zero tolerance immigration policy’?

Trump signed an executive order to halt this policy, in which he ordered that the families won’t be separated from each other when they flee to this country. He received backlash and pressure after pictures were released which showed the horrifying circumstances where children, who are 986024-20180618-immigration-holding-facilitytaken away from their caretakers, live in now and how the adolescents are being held in caves. The images shocked the world and they shocked Trump too, as he says himself.

So does this mean families will be reunited, too?

No. As Trump doesn’t quit the zero tolerance immigration policy (but only puts a stop to families being separated), the immigrants are
still being detained after they flee to the US, but won’t be taken away from their children no more, but the parents/caretakers who have already fled and are separated from their children do not have any certainty how long it will take before they can see their children again. Trump says he wants to have ‘strong borders, very strong borders’, so detention is necessary, he believes, but he states he won’t allow families being separated anymore.

Even after his signed order, many do not yet believe in the halt and want to see the results, not the signed paper. What do you think about this signed order? I hope this post informed you more and if you have any questions/comments, please feel free to ask/tell them in the section below or send me an e-mail!




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