Aimlessly watching Modern Family (which isn’t always a torture) or one of the worst movies ever (which can definitely be a torture), staying in bed until noon or taking unnecessary naps, sometimes summer can be a bit boring, especially when you stay at home. Summer will start to look like a waste of time, while it can be a time where you can improve yourself, your surroundings & where you can learn! (in a fun way, not forced:). But how do you fill your summer with useful and fun things? Below I shared the 15 things I came up with and I also will be spending time doing a lot of these.

15 things to do in the summer when you’re home:

  1. Workout. Make it a daily habit to either run, yoga, go to the gym or just create your own workout plan. This is healthy and you have a chance to work on your condition, muscles and many more body related things that can use an update. You can also do it with friends, which would make it even more fun. You can adjust your schedule to whatever floats your boat and improvement is guaranteed. Plus, it is also food  for your soul, as exercising/working out will decrease your level of stress, anxiety and boost the happy chemicals.
  2. Take on a new hobby. Whether you choose for painting, playing guitar or playing basketball, a new hobby will fill your time and you can learn loads from it! It doesn’t have to last the whole summer, even a temporary class, maybe even for 1 time, can help you become more creative & it will help you discover what you like and what you dislike (useful for the future:). It might be scary to enter a class or start a new hobby but it will, besides all the pros I just told you about, also boost your confidence as you will meet new people and do something you’ve never done before! But, if you don’t want to spend a bit of money on a class or if you aren’t able to go somewhere (or simply are lazy, like me 50% of the time), online classes are very popular too! Youtube is a great way to learn something new or just google ‘”what you want to learn” – online class’. The one con: with classes you are forced to return & keep learning but online you can quit anytime you want. Collage created using TurboCollage software from
  3. Change your room. Whether it is a drastic change like painting your walls or something as simple as changing your sheet, rearranging your room can give a huge twist to your creativity and your mindset. Put on some music, open the windows and start! Let your creativity and imagination do its job and recreate your room the way you want it to!
  4. Read more books. Make a list of books (you can choose from a variety of websites such as, buy or lend them and start reading! Go outside, into the nature or simply on your couch, make yourself a delicious glass of lemonade or hot tea and enjoy! An excellent way of spending your time and you are guaranteed to learn something. Fun tip: rate every book and put them in order once you’ve read them all!
  5. Watch movies. I know that watching movies might seem ‘unhealthy’ or ‘a waste of your time’, considering I just claimed that in the beginning (I am very vague in real life;), but make a list of movies you’ve always wanted to see or have good recommendations and start. Don’t bingewatch them all because that is not good for your eyes & body but watch one or two per day. Make a few delicious snacks yourself or buy them and enjoy. Fun tip: you can also rate these and put them in order. At the end of your break you will have two lists with your favorite books and movies which you can share with others!
  6. Volunteer. I am sure there are people in your city who need your help! Ask around, ask at the home for the elderly or the foodbank, maybe there is an animal shelter nearby? Volunteering looks amazing on your CV and it is a good chance to learn something & give back to the community!
  7. DIY. Go to or simply google ‘DIY’ and watch the creative ideas pop-up to your screen. You can make decorations, a present for a friend, food, a mask, anything is possible and you can make everything yourself! A great way to spend your time and it mostly takes around an hour or maybe even more and afterwards you will have more, new creativity coming to you!
  8. Spend time with friends. Seeing a movie, having a picnic or just staying at home, whatever you do with your friends is guaranteed to be fun! Visit another city, do a challenge, the possibilities are endless! It is incredibly healthy to laugh and the time flies by if you’re having fun. But sadly there’s a chance your friends are away so in that case, keep reading and learn more ways to entertain yourself!
  9. Visit your family. If you have family living a bit far away, you probably don’t see them as much as you want and this can sadly effect your bond with them. Visit your grandparents or stay over at perhaps your parents, they will much likely appreciate it and you will get to know them better!
  10. Clean out your closet. I personally love cleaning and making my room less full with lying-on-the-floor-clothes, trash that actually belongs in the trashcan but is now on the floor and unnecessary things because it makes me feel more in peace, so number 3 and cleaning out my closet are two things I like to do. You can also make new outfits and donate your old clothes to perhaps your sister or a charity! Cleaning out your closet will also show you what you need more of and what you already have enough so that you can shop clothes without buying too much of a certain clothing.
  11. Cook/bake. Buy a recipe book, lend one (or maybe you already have one?) or search online to delicious bakings or meals. Surprise your parents, friends (or yourself) with a self-made pie or spaghetti. It is healthy (except the pies then), fun to make and you learn a lot! Cooking or baking can take up plenty of time but it can also be done in 20 minutes, you are free to make whatever you want to!
  12. Work. Working is great for experience and you make money with it. It depends on your age but there is always a possibility to make money in your city! Wash your parents’ car (or neighbors, etc), babysit or do chores in the house if you’re too young to have a job. If you are old enough to actual work, work in a supermarket/restaurant or anything in that direction or choose another job ! You can earn money easily and it is a great way to spend time and get to know more people.
  13. Make a bucket list. And then do it. This one is really fun. Write down the things you want to do in your life (can be small, can be big), choose a few and do them. For example if you’ve wanted to learn playing guitar, follow a class (this goes with number 2) or search online and do it! Or if you want to make donuts yourself (this one’s mine too:), buy the ingredients and just do it! It doesn’t really matter what the outcome is, it is meant to be fun and time-spending and you’re guaranteed to have it both!
  14. Improve your mental health. Now this one is a bit more serious but I do think it’s important. Reflect on your past year and see what you’ve become better at and what you can improve. Then work on that & learn to be happy. Yes, you read that right, learn to be happy. I can write an article about that later (comment if you want me to!) but having the right mindset can change your life and I’m not being overdramatic. It is all about perspective and summer is a good time to work on that & prepare yourself for the upcoming year. Also, take care of your body and be kind to others (this improves your self-esteem a lot).

    .14, work on your mental health
    An idea of how you can improve your mental health & change your lifestyle. This is an actual list I made and yes, I did rewrite it because my normal handwriting is awful:).
  15. Redo your garden. Last but not least, if you have a garden, recreate it. Make a sketch, have a vision & go to the garden center. Buy your favorite plants or accessories and let your hands do the work! This can take up a couple of days but you will feel refreshed afterwards and it’s a amazing way to spend your summer! Plus, you’re in the fresh air (always healthy!).

My personal favorites, the ones I have done in the previous summers, are 4,5,7,10 and 11 but I’m definitely going to try doing the others as well, as they seem so creative and amusing to do. Some don’t especially apply to summer, as for example taking care of your mental health is something you should do all year long but summer is a great time to start!

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