There are times when you just need to cry. Cry all the tension, fear and hurt you’ve held in the past weeks out and then move on. Or something happens and you just can’t smile anymore. Or, for girls, you’re having your period and well, things can get very emotional too (we all have it girls, nothing to be ashamed of:). If you are feeling sad or are in a dark mood it is important to cry because it releases a lot of tension. And it is okay, by the way. Do not feel worthless or weak for crying because you’ve been doing it since the first second you were born and it simply means you are alive. But anyway, when you are feeling low, good music can really help you feel better or cry it all out. So today, I will share my 20 most emotional/sad songs to which I listen to often in ‘dark’ times/have helped me. I originally planned 10 songs but looking through my playlist, I couldn’t help but write the top 20 down because they all are so beautifully ‘sad’. I rated them in order with my personal top 20, so it might not fit for you, because it is influenced by my personal experiences and feelings. I hope you appreciate them & might get to know new artists/songs!

My top 20 most emotional songs:

20. Dangerously – Charlie Puth. Singing about being ‘too much in love’, Puth describes how he put too much love into a relationship and was left broken. He loved her dangerously, ‘more than the air that I breathe’, and that ended up being too dangerous. His lyrics are beautifully written and his voice suits the song so well.

19. You don’t know – Katelyn Tarver. ‘Can’t stop these feet from sinking, and it’s starting to show on me’. Tarver is singing about feeling sad and hurt while people are telling her to ‘just smile’ or ‘you can’t be that sad’. She is done with people telling her time will heal things while it doesn’t feel like that for her. A calm but touching song that will probably (sadly) be relative to you.

18. One day – Tate McRae. McRae is 14 but an amazing singer-songwriter who wrote this beautiful song about love. It’s mostly based on a teenage song but it can easily apply to anyone’s love life. She’s talking about two people who like each other but one can’t believe the other actually likes her and they’re both too afraid to say something. Tate McRae portraits the hurt that comes with it perfectly and it is definitely worth listening to.

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17. These four walls – Little Mix. Little Mix has this amazing sad side of their music that is absolutely worth listening to, and this is one of their most emotional songs, which tells the listener about missing someone a lot and just feeling sad in general. ‘I tried to smile today, but I realized there’s no point in it anyway’, this lyric is probably describing a situation that a lot of us have been in and feels horrible. With their amazing vocals at the end, this song ends perfectly and will leave you most likely with a tear rolling down.

16. I don’t wanna be you anymore – Billy Eilish. Billy Eilish has been very open about her own struggles with depression and self-hate and in this song she’s written it to life. ‘Tell the mirror what you know she’s heard before’. It is very hard to write a description about this song because it is a song you just have to listen to to understand what Billy is going through, with a lot of other people feeling the same. (but always remember: you are worth it & beautiful, no matter what other people say)

15. Camouflage – Selena Gomez. Coming from her most recent album, Revival, camouflage talks about wanting to talk to a certain person but feeling like, well, camouflage. The person doesn’t see her anymore and it is tearing her apart. The lyrics and her vocals are beautiful and this soft ballad deserves to be more recognized.

14. If by chance – Ruth B. This song I have discovered recently but I listen to it literally every day. Losing someone but still hoping that the person will come back to you. Hoping that that person will break so they’ll come back to you. Disrupting thoughts but sadly Ruth B and many others (cough, cough, me, me) feel this way. A beautiful soft ballad, same as camouflage, that portraits this situation so well.

13. The Letter – Kehlani. Watch this artist rise, I’ll tell you now. Kehlani is a growing artist who already has collaborated with Calvin Harris and her recent song Honey is amazing, but now I’m talking about this beautiful song The Letter. In this song, she actually talks about her mother who left her when she was really young but this can apply to many situations. ‘Maybe I’m too much to manage’ is my personal favorite and most heartbreaking line but the entire song is so well-written and Kehlani deserves more recognition of this song.

12. The broken hearts club – Gnash. Now this song is a song that, while and after growing up, everyone will relate to. I won’t give it much intro but this is a soft, acoustic song where he sings about being broken hearted and not belonging in where he is now. Give it a listen and fall in love with it too.

11. I hate you, don’t leave me – Demi Lovato. Talking about, well you can guess it, hating someone so much but don’t want him/her to leave, Demi is being open about heartbreak. While it is rumored to be about her mental disorder bipolar disorder (don’t know if this is true but I read it somewhere and it makes sense to me), this applies to many people right now, sadly. With emotion Lovato brings the feelings to live and the lyrics are beautiful.

10. Sober – Demi Lovato. Yes, I have several Demi songs in this list because she is the absolute definition of perfection and she’s so honest so don’t judge me:). This recently released song is about breaking sobriety but the couplets can apply to anyone feeling low and it is definitely a heartbreaking song but so worthy of listening to. (P.S. bring some tissues because you’re guaranteed to wipe a few tears)

9. Figures – Jessie Reyez. Another rising artist on this chart. Jessie is an AMAZING songwriter (she’s been writing with Eminem for example) and her voice is so beautiful. Writing about heartbreak so well and portraying this song with so many emotions, this song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. So give it a shot and be convinced of her talent.

8. Nobody like you – Little Mix. This is another song of their ‘sad side’ and this one is much more vocally showing off but this leaves me in silence every time. I love to playback along to this with so much emotion because the lyrics really hit me and you probably too. They are originally singing about physical abuse but this applies to many other situations and feel free to apply it to your own situation because that is obviously the purpose of music.

7. Yes girl – Bea Miller. Miller talks about letting a toxic relationship go and the anger that results from it. Her vocals are amazing but also the lyrics are so powerful but sad at the same time. Being controlled and criticized every day is very hard and leaving that person can be very painful but it will eventually be your best move. Guaranteed to make you feel something, this song is beautifully written and a tip: watch the music video because it has a beautiful meaning to the song.

6. Champagne – Lia Marie Johnson. Celebrating losing a person doesn’t sound sad but the truth is, listening to this song gives me sad vibes. Johnson is singing about her past hurt that a certain person brought her and how she’s now free from it. A powerful and inspirational song, but with a sad twist to it, this song is perfectly to have a good cry but to move on after.

5. Smoke & mirrors – Demi Lovato. I promise, this is the last Lovato song:). This song talks about feeling unworthy after a relationship. ‘I wonder, did you ever really love me?’, well this line perfectly describes that, doesn’t it? The emotion in her voice is so heartbreaking but beautiful and the lyrics are also so well written that you’re probably will shed a few tears (and maybe a lot when you relate to it).

4. Happier – Ed Sheeran. This song has been out for a long time but just now has been made a single, which it deserves to be. Seeing the one you love with someone else can be a torture and Sheeran knows that too, as he sings about in this song. You might know this one already, but I do think it deserves a spot here because it is such an amazing,well-written song.

3. River of tears – Alessia Cara. Losing a loved one can be so hard and it can leave you aching for many weeks/months. Alessia knows that as well as she sings about it in this song, river of tears. I won’t tell much about it because it just needs to be listened to and you’ll understand what I mean when I say it’s a sad song. A sad song but with a powerful ending that will make you feel motivated to move on & get over someone.

2. I have questions – Camila Cabello. This song was Cabello’s first song where she acknowledged that she wasn’t okay and the lyrics, they speak so much to me and leave me speechless every time. Her voice plus her emotions while singing it will convince you of her talent and if you ever had to deal with someone leaving you without explanation or someone treating you a way you don’t understand (or any other hurtful situation of course), you will feel this song and you will need some tissues.

Wow, we’re already at the end. I loved re-listening all these songs again while writing about it. Well, I’ll continue and tell you about my number 1.

1. Something’s gotta give – Camila Cabello. This song is filled with, for me personally, anger, sadness but also with power. Camila is finally acknowledging a toxic relationship and she is done with it. But first, she needs to feel the pain and that, she portrays beautifully here and it hits my feelings every time again. Camila is over-all definitely worth listening to because her songwriting skills are astonishing and her voice is out of this world.

I truly could’ve written about many more songs but I needed to cut it off at 20, haha. So if you want more songs that will hit you in your heart, please let me know! I hope you enjoyed this and got some new favorite songs.

If you are not doing okay, please know that talking is not weakness, it is strength and taking care of yourself it very important. If you need help, feel free to ask me or send me an e-mail.


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