Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been serving as president since 2014, and there has changed a lot in Turkey. There is much backlash but he still managed to get 52% of the votes in the election that was held on the 24th of June. Many say the votes were manipulated but Erdoğan, as does his party AKP, says it was not. In this article I will summarize the most important changes that are about to happen and what laws will be changed and what effect that will have on Turkey, but also on the rest of the world.

What will change in Turkey?

First of all, there are two perspectives which you can adjust to the situation. The first one is not that much will change. Erdoğan has been president for quite a while so Turkey knows what they can expect. But, on the other hand, the reelection of Erdoğan can be confirming his power, over his citizens and his country. Although there was 48% that voted ‘against’ him or simply gave their vote to another party, 52% is quite a lot. The rule in the Turkish electoral system is that if in the ‘first run’ no presidential candidate gets over 50% of the votes, there will be held a ‘second run’, but considering Erdoğan had 52% of the votes already, a second run won’t be necessary. So, to come back to the question, the power of Erdoğan has been confirmed with this election and he will, probably, make use out of that. How he is already controlling the media and locking journalists away who write or say ‘inappropriate’ things will only worsen after this election, which is a sad fact. Over hundreds of journalists are still in prison for writing about their opinion, while in the most countries there is freedom of speech. Also, the law will become stricter, many researchers, specialists and journalists are expecting. But what the real changes will be, we will find out in the near and far future.

What laws will change and how can they effect Europe or the world?

Erdoğan is planning on changing a few rules, as far as we know. He is planning on extending the limit of being president, so that he can be president until 2029. This gives him plenty of time to work on changes and have a major effect on the world. Since he is leading towards being a dictator, as many say, having an extended term limit means he will be able to expand his impact and power on his citizens, which can mean the citizens might be indoctrinated by the government. Erdoğan will also have control of budget and military, meaning he can do whatever he wants. That can go both ways, positive or negative. He will also have the power to dissolve the parliament, meaning he can change the parliament whenever he wants to and exactly the way he wants to, which can lead to quick political changes. These laws that will be changed can lead to chaos around the world, and maybe especially in Europe. Since Turkey and Europe don’t have the best bond ever existed, there is uncertainty about the future. If Europe gets in discussion with Turkey, that might mean the rest of the world is in trouble too. They’d have to pick allies and that could lead to a lot of political tensions.

I hope to have informed you enough about this re-election. I genuinely don’t hope I have misunderstood something or have made mistakes because especially writing and reading about the news, it is important to understand the whole truth, not the half of it. I can’t write the whole story here because that would take ages but I tried to tell the most important impacts and I hope you could understand them. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them in the comments or just send me an e-mail and I hope you have a lovely week!

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