It is spending the entire morning finding the right words

But then the occasion when it could’ve been sent, is over

It is opening a bottle so the alcohol will drown the wounds

But drowning before the first glass

It is having a perfect night of selfcare with the thought of actually sleeping

But finally in bed, eyes won’t close and minds won’t sleep

It is going to places because lord knows what or even better who might happen

But coming home with nothing but your heels in your hand and tears in your eyes

It is making a to-do list so life can get structured again

But ending up doodling a name over all your plans

It is agreeing to dates with your friends just so your eyes can get a glance of your non-ending hope

But ending up needing sunglasses

It is early mornings on the way to work thinking ‘maybe today I won’t forget my chores while daydreaming’

but coming home with a letter that reads ‘fired’

It is thinking after months ‘finally I am over it’

But to have one peek and fall off the endless cliff again

It is writing this poem thinking afterwards I will feel better and not so incredibly in love

But finding out this love isn’t temporary, it’s infinite


-it is an infinite crush

-but turning into real love


Hi, this is a poem I just wrote. My hands were aching to write a poem about this topic and this was the result. Hope you like it!

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Have a great day, don’t forget to smile and don’t let anyone make you feel insecure about being you because you are such a beautiful human being. Always be kind and enjoy the little things!


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