Today I, who has been home for two days, went to town to buy a gift. As I was cycling into town I noticed my breath got irregular. I felt extremely uncomfortable and when I came home I (literally) tore off my clothes and cried while gasping for air. I’ve never really experienced anything like that before so now I am sitting at my desk, I feel the need to write about it. I want you to know that if you’ve experienced this as well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s important to learn how to handle it when it occurs again. So here are the tips I’ve picked up and the ones I use when I am having a hard time.

What to do when having an anxiety attack:

Go to a place where you feel safe and comfortable. If you have access to water, drink a glass of water. Check if you have any tension in your shoulder, jaws and legs and make sure that if you have tension, release it. Often you don’t know that you’re holding tension but releasing it can help a lot. Try to walk a little and if possible, go outside. Breathe in for around 7 seconds, out for around 4/5 seconds and do this as many times as you feel is necessary. Calming down is a crucial thing if you want to feel okay again. Realize that your thoughts are all in your head and try to analyze why you are feeling uncomfortable/scared/anxious/etc. If you’ve analyzed this you can see that what you are thinking and what you are feeling are two things that you can control by changing the way you see it. I.e. If you are feeling extremely uncomfortable, think to yourself: why? Why am I feeling this uncomfortable? Is it because there is a lot of company? You have to talk to people you don’t know? What is the reason you are feeling this way? Then remind yourself that you are enough. You don’t have to be the spotlight in the room and you don’t have to have all the attention. You don’t have to go around and talk to everyone, it’s okay. You’re your own person and others will accept that. So, you talk yourself courage. That things will be okay. Maybe you can think of a solution if you’re in a particular situation? Once you’ve analyzed and thought about it and you’re ready, go back and see how the situation is now. Continue taking deep breaths.

I sincerely hope this has helped you. If you are not okay, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are loved, worthy and you deserve happiness.

If you want to know more about anxiety attacks or anything related to mental health, request and I’ll write about it!

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