March this year, a former Russian double spy and his daughter were poisoned while sitting on a bench in a park. They were nearly killed. This week, a couple who were at home, were also poisoned. And now it turns out these two ‘accidents’ were caused by the same poison. But who poisoned these people and are they linked?

Who poisoned the former Russian double spy and his daughter & the couple?

As the UK government says, Sergei Skripal and Yulia, the double spy and his daughter, were poisoned by Russia. But, Russia denies that claim and say they wanted to offer help, considering the victims are Russian, but Prime Minister May says that’s a lie. Because of these accusations, tensions are starting to rise. The UK has already expelled 23 diplomates and several countries, in and out the European Union, have done that as well. For the poisoning of Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess, on the other hand, the police has not yet found a suspect.

But are these poisonings linked?

Although the poisoner of Charlie and Dawn hasn’t been found yet, many suspect, as does the UK government, Russia has poisoned these two people. Although there has not been found a direct link to Russia, as there was to the Russian double spy, the same nerve agent (the poisoning gas) was used. This could be a link but not only Russia is not the only one who can use this poison and again, there’s no direct proof and the police will, hopefully, find out more soon.

What if the Russian did poison Charlie and Dawn?

This is not yet to say, very clearly, but there will definitely arise even more tension. More countries will stand up and Russia will have a lot to explain. But the exact consequences will be found if it eventually turns out to be Russia who poisoned these four.

I hope to have informed you enough about this happening. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me!
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