I will, occasionally, ‘review’ artists. You might find a new favorite singer to listen to or read more about a certain person. For me, it is always fun to discover new, growing artists and along the years see how far they’ve come and being able to say: I watched them grow. So, here’s the first artist to watch: Jessie Reyez.

Jessica ‘Jessie’ Reyez is a 28 year old, Canadian singer-songwriter who has been writing since she was seven months old (yeah, WOW). Two of her first singles, ‘shutter island’ and ‘figures’ hit the charts and peaked at #74 in the Billboard Top 100. But besides singing her own songs, she’s also written tons of other songs, including ‘One Kiss’ by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris has previously worked with her, since she’s sung his single ‘Hard to Love’. She has recently written with a very good rapper, Eminem and if you listen to her songs, you will understand why, considering her vocal skills are mind-blowing.

Jessie Reyez worked her way up, literally. From working several jobs in her hometown Toronto to being a successful singer-songwriter, she’s done a lot. She used to cover songs online, including Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’. But covers online weren’t her breakthrough though, it was Toronto’s Remix Project that ended up being her way up to success. Through this project she met several artists who helped her produce ‘figures’ and her first EP, Kiddo, which was released on the 21th of April.

Her songs are very specific and raw. Reyes has sung about a lot, from songs about pressure and the dark side in the industry she’s in (‘Gatekeeper’) to deep, sad, crushing heartbreaks (‘figures’). As I already wrote, her lyrics are amazing and very relatable to people who’ve been in the same situation as she has been in. Jessie is open about her struggles and discusses, in her songs as well on her social media, important matters that she thinks need to be talked about more often, which is impressing. Her songs are real and that is what attracts the listeners. With her raw and unique voice she is able to transfer emotion to many.

To give her songs a shot, listen to them here. To go to her website, click here.

I hope I’ve informed you enough and that you’ve found a new favorite artist! If you want to know more, have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me. Have a good day and don’t forget to put on some good music and relax!




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