Whether it is for 5 minutes or 5 weeks, we all have moments where we don’t feel good. Like, terrible. Sometimes you’re triggered or the sadness comes to you all the sudden, but  I think we can all agree, we don’t always feel good. But what do you do when you’re not feeling well and you need to slow down? What do you do when you can’t stop crying or you’re very hurt? In this article I’ll give you 17 things I’ve come up with (and that I do) when you’re sad or in a low mood. But first of all: you are loved. You matter. You deserve to be happy. Now let’s get started!

17 things to do when you’re sad/in a low mood:

  1. Make sure you drink water. The first step of many situations, drink water. This helps you calm down and hydration is one of the most important things if you want your body to function normally. So, take a glass of water and drink!
  2. Take a shower. A hot shower helps you release tension in your muscles, while cold water wakes you up and awake. But both showers are good when you are feeling low. Wash your body & oil it afterwards, you’ll feel better. And don’t forget to put on new, fresh clothes, including your underwear (even if you just changed them this morning).
  3. Go outside. Being outside in the nature/fresh air, taking a few deep breaths and relaxing is crucial for calming down. Whether this is just putting your head out of your window or grocery shopping, it will do you good, I promise. If you’re walking, walk slowly and slow down your pace. Watch the street, the people around you and focus on the now.
  4. Communicate. Communication is one of the best ‘curings’. Talking to the person in the room next to you or calling your mother, it’s a good distraction and if the other is feeling it, talking about your mood can help loads, too. Hugging also releases a lot of ‘happy hormones’, these will make you instantly feel better. So, hug your dad or dog for 20 seconds and feel the happy hormones coming!
  5. Clean up your room. As we can’t control a lot of situations in life, we can control how our room looks. Cleaning up is relaxing and you can do it the way you want to. Set an alarm and clean up as much as you can or let your hands do the work without limit, you name it! A cleaned up room will leave you refreshed and with the curtains open, it is less likely for negative vibes to enter your room!
  6. Cook a meal. Whether it is only for yourself or also your family/friends, cooking is a way of controlling what’s happening and you get a delicious (hopefully) reward. Plus, it is good distraction.
  7. Exercise. Go to the gym and get sweaty! Exercising reduces your levels of stress, anxiety and many other ‘bad’ feelings. Plus, it will be a treat for your physical health! So go for a simple walk or to the gym, take the bike or do a workout at home, the choice is yours but either way, move!
  8. Buy fresh food. Buying for example fruit or vegetables (and eating them of course) can be an extremely healthy and will give you a good feeling. Especially if you haven’t taken care of yourself recently, it’s important to get enough vitamins. If your physical health isn’t well, your mental health is not going to be any better, so go to the grocery store (or order them if you aren’t able to go) and buy yourself some healthy foods!
  9. Do a hobby. This is perfect distraction PLUS it creates the ‘happy hormones’ again PLUS you can improve yourself. So bonus bonus! Pick something you like to do and start. Whether it is blowing bubbles (?!) or reading, whatever makes you feel comfortable will do!
  10. Listen to upbeat music. What I do (often), is put on a few upbeat songs and dance really weird and extensive (right use? Well, you know what I mean;) and just be in the moment. Now you don’t have to dance like me but listening to an upbeat song and going along with it can definitely help you increase your mood. Don’t be afraid to dance, though!
  11. Take care of your body. Like I mentioned earlier, taking care of your body is important. Massage your shoulders or have a good night of sleep, giving your body the treatment it deserves is important because again, your physical health influences your mental status a lot!!
  12. Watch a movie/documentairy. Watching TV can distract you and even educate you, which will make you feel better. Don’t bingewatch for too long but watching a good movie can leave you inspired or moved and it will do good to you.
  13. Treat yourself. Whether that’s buying that clothing you always wanted to buy or pretty flowers, treating yourself is important. By treating yourself you’re showing yourself that you care about you. It is also a reminder that you deserve to be treated, because you do!
  14. Read. Reading is also a fantastic distracter, same as movies, and it will educate you too! A good book (check out my reviews about Hopeless and The 5th Wave!) will take you to a new dimension where you will feel better right away!
  15. Hang out with friends. This goes along with communicating but hanging out with your friends is a good way to be involved in social events and to simply have fun. You don’t have to feel better right away but give your friends a chance to make you feel better because eventually, if you just be yourself and be with your friends, in the present, you will feel better!
  16. Write in your diary. Writing out what you’re thinking is truly important because sometimes you have no one to talk to. Not because no one cares, but because we’re all busy doing our own things. And that’s okay. But writing down how you’re feeling & why you are feeling this way or just writing down about your day can release a lot of tension.
  17. Meditate. This one requires practice but meditating can truly help you feeling better and more relaxed. There are so many benefits to it that I could write an entire article about it! So, open your window for fresh air and start meditating!

I hope this article was useful for you and don’t forget: you are worth it. Everyone has insecurities but that doesn’t mean you should lock yourself away and don’t come out anymore. You deserve to be heard & to be seen.

If you ever need serious help, I’m here. Don’t be afraid to contact me!

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