Today, the 13th of July, president Trump is visiting the UK, the country that is about to step away from the European Union. Trump and May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, have talked about a trade deal between the two countries. As I am writing this post, there is a press conference, so the most recent happenings will be written down here. I will talk here about what they discussed, why they had this meeting and the outcomes.

What did Trump and May talk about?

The President and Prime Minister had a conversation about a possible trade deal, the immigration issues in the EU and how May is handling the Brexit. Since the UK has stepped out of the European Union, May is obviously seeking for better trade deals with other countries, as it will be harder to work close with EU-countries. Europe is also overflowing with immigrants who flee from dangerous countries, but many are afraid there will, in that stream of immigrants, be a few ‘terrorists’, who, most possible, want to make Europe dangerous, as well. The Brexit has also been discussed. There is a lot of backlash and critic on how Prime Minister May is handling it and Trump had a word or two to say about it as well, as there was an interview about it released this week where he had backlash as well, about May and Brexit. He said May was not handling it well and Boris Johnson would be a good (perhaps better) Prime Minister. These three topics were the main reasons this meeting was arranged. I will talk about how they ended later in this post.

Why did they have this meeting?

This meeting probably took place now because May wants to know who is UK’s ally and on who she can count. She wants to discuss her plans & opinions with one of the countries that has the most power, and so she hopes the US will have her back if necessary.

What came out of this meeting?

I will discuss the three main reasons today. As we don’t have a lot of information now, I will talk about what has been said in the Press Conference, which is happening right now. Trump said, while he claimed the opposite in another interview, he will support May’s decision about the Brexit fully and that he made a suggestion about Brexit. He said that May probably found that ‘suggestion’ brutal but that he didn’t mean it that way, as there was a lot of critic about his interview he gave to Sun. So, he claims he and the US will have her back in everything she does and whatever she decides what will happen with the UK. Trump also had a few words to say about the immigration problems in Europe. He said that all the immigrants were ruining the culture of Europe and that it will be ‘unhealthy’ and dangerous for Europe to let them in anymore. He suggests the Europeans stop the stream immediately, practically. The trade deal has, up to this point in the conference, not yet been discussed by Trump nor May but if you want to follow live updates about this conference, click here.

Besides the meeting, entire London was woken up this morning with a lot of protest. Many had come to London to let their opinion be heard and they protested against Trump and his policy. There has not yet been much violence, but the police is trying to get the situation under control as good as possible.

I hope this article has provided you with enough information and if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!



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