Imagine, you have 2 best friends, you are popular, it seems like you have everything. And then all the sudden you find yourself in water, surrounded by darkness with no room to breathe. Your life is turned upside down, after 13 minutes of being dead in the water, when you can’t remember how you got there and who got you there. Could you handle the truth if you would know it would tear you apart?

Sarah Prinborough wrote ‘13 minutes‘ in 2016 and it has been awarded with the ‘best of YA’- award. It has been translated in several languages, including Dutch.

Natasha is a teenage, popular girl who has her life in front of her with a bright future. She has 2 best friends, Hayley and Jenny, with whom she does everything. Then all the sudden, she finds herself in cold water in a dark river where she can’t breathe anymore. When she is saved, her heart has stopped beating but after 13 minutes it starts beating again. But while she is recovering she discovers she has no memory of what happened that specific night. But one thing she does know: it was no accident. Someone made sure she ended up in that river and someone wanted revenge. Right? Natasha is determined to find out the truth but not without any danger on her search path. With risk she starts looking for the truth about the night she was dead for 13 minutes. But can she handle the outcome?

13 minutes is a fiction story but could, “easily”, be non-fiction. The story of a friendship that gets tested is something we all can relate to, right? A bond that looks like it’s unbreakable can always be broken, and that is proven again by this amazingly written book. The fun thing about this ‘detective’ story is that the twist is surprising but still, you kind of saw it coming. But still, it blows your mind when you read through it. This book is perfect for this summer because it’s mysterious, takes you to another place but also leaves you thinking after you finished the book or even after just a chapter. What I found funny while reading it, is that the cover (which is beautifully designed and really thought about) kind of “uncovered” itself. At first, I hadn’t really looked much into it but I remember when I was reading somewhere in the middle of the book, I looked closely at the cover and thought: ‘wow this actually relates to the story’. To be honest, you don’t see that nowadays very often, as it is mostly about ‘the most beautiful cover’ which will sell the best. But when I noticed it, I had to smile for a moment because it was just so pleasant seeing connections and to see that the author actually put effort and time in it. ┬áJust a little opinion from my personal experience while reading it:). So overall, I enjoyed reading this book very much and I felt refreshed after reading this book. 400 pages of astonishing writing material will fill up your days and the summer will be much more pleasant with 13 minutes on your lap!

I hope you enjoyed this book review and that I was able to tell you more about the quality of this book and why you should buy it (which is the case here:). To visit Sarah Pinborough’s site, click here.

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