There are moments when you feel exhausted. It feels like you are stuck in an endless circle of doing the same things every week with the same view on life. But what do you need to end that circle, you might think? Well, I’m here to tell you that. And the answer is simple: change your perspective. In this article I will talk about 5 perspective you can have on life, so 5 things you can do which will help you change how you’re feeling and will wake you up with excitement in your gut.

5 perspectives on life to change your view on it:

  • Goals
  • Kindness
  • Challenges
  • Gratitude
  • New project


Having goals makes life more challenging. And when life gets more challenging, it gets more fun and will eventually decrease your stress level. And yes, I know that sounds weird and erroneous, because goals can be very stressing (right?), but when you have goals that you can strive towards to and that requires your attention and passion (even if it’s a little goal), it will end up making you feel accomplished and you have something to look forward to (namely getting into your goal and accomplishing it). For example, having a goal such as ‘reaching 100 followers on my blog’ (my personal favorite, haha). You will be more alert every second because you don’t want to fail your goal, and in this case you don’t want to be stuck at 10 followers (haha, nope). And when you’ve succeeded in that goal, your mind gives you a sense of reward and you feel an energy boost + your happiness increases. And with that, your stress decreases also.

So, having a couple of goals in different aspects of your life can change the way you see it, namely challenging but fun and not stressing and busy. You increase your level of happiness and energy and your stress level reduces. Win-win situation!


Start focusing more on being kind, and generous. And with being kind I don’t only mean giving money to charity or helping an elderly cross the street. I mean helping someone when that ‘someone’ doesn’t ask for it and doing something extra so someone else doesn’t have to do it, which will brighten their day. It’s cleaning up the kitchen so when your parents come home they don’t have to give you the same lecture they’ve given you yesterday and the day before, and being simply kind means calling that old friend because you’ve always talked about meeting again but it never came to it. And like this, there are many big and little ways to be kind to others. But besides being kind to others, it is also being kind to yourself. Saying ‘no’ because you know it won’t be healthy for you, stop eating ready-made meals and cook simple recipes for yourself instead. These are two examples but I think you get my point. If you focus more on being kind on the world around you and yourself, you will notice how everyone is doing their own thing and everyone is living their own life. But that, now, you can contribute to that life. You can make someone else a little bit happier just because you smiled at him/her on the street or you helped that little kid tie their shoelaces. Helping other people will give yourself a sense of happiness and being more kind to yourself will help a big deal in your mental state, trust me.

So, change your perspective and focus on being more kind and respect those around you and yourself, and your view on life and your own happiness will change!


This one relates to having goals, but challenges are a little different. In my opinion, goals are to be reached to a certain point but challenges are about a journey towards a certain ‘goal’, you could say. So for example, a goal could be (not that it should be, but this is an easy example) to lose weight a certain amount, but a challenge could be to eat two pairs of fruit every day. That is a journey, a continuous road. Having a challenge brings a new sort of structure that you have to ‘achieve’ in your life and this will increase your level of happiness because you will have a competitive assignment every day, you will have to pay attention to get to the point where you achieve your challenge, but you have to do that every day.

So, making a challenge (or several challenges) for yourself will challenge you (wow, really?) and it will bring a new sort of structure in your life that will change the way you view ‘the world’, because you’re focused on your challenges instead of just ‘existing’.


Showing gratitude and practicing it is a huge part of happiness in general. Realizing that what you have now, no matter what you don’t have or lost in the past, is something to be grateful for, and that you are very fortunate to have it. Having a couple of good friends or an astonishing book might seem like a daily deal for you, but many around you and in

Idea: write 3 things you’re grateful for, every day, like I did here!

different parts of the world, are dying to have it and you view it as a normality, not a luxury. But focusing more on the little things you have or see in your life and speak your gratitude about them, will make your life much more worthy and it will give you a happiness boost and your stress level also reduces (that’s always great:).

So, simply focusing more on showing gratitude and expressing that in your daily routines can have a big impact on your life and the way you (& possible others) view it.

New project

Starting a new project is very, very exciting. It can be something as small as changing your breakfast, to a big happening such as joining the circus (yep, absolutely everything is possible), but I can guarantee that choosing a new project that you might always wanted to do and have been too scared to do it or just something new and fresh will blow new energy and motivation into your life and you can influence others as well, which will increase your happiness too. Write down things you would like to try or to create, and start! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play the violin? Or you want to take up running again because your shoes are rotting away right now? The choice is yours and feel free to take it!

So, starting a new project can blow energy into your life and your happiness will increase instantly, even at the thought of doing something new!

I genuinely hope this article has inspired you and that these 5 perspectives/ideas can help you brighten and change your life a bit. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them to me!

If you are not feeling well, you probably want to check out my article where I tell you 17 things to do when you’re sad! It will hopefully inspire you and make you feel better, because you deserve to be happy:).

Have a good day and don’t forget to step out of your autopilot mindset!


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