The earth is slowly dying. I know, it sounds dramatic and some say it is not true, but it is proven that in the 20th and 21st century, we have massively decreased the level of years our earth will be healthy to live on for human beings and for animals. With our increasing rate of population and our not-caring minds, we are destroying a nature treasure that could easily be helped by doing small things. In this article I will talk about 14 ways how you can help the environment and change the world.

How to help the environment in small but impactful ways:

  1. Stop taking long showers. Quit taking showers for 15 minutes and stop heating the water up so much. Taking long, hot showers is unnecessary and it wastes so much water that could be better spend on other necessities, such as drinking water and flushing the toilet. You can easily (with a  little practice though:) wash your hair & body, shave your legs and enjoy your shower in 5-7 minutes (yes ladies, it is possible). So, make it a challenge to shower as short as possible and save the earth! (well not immediately, but this heroic slogan might motivate you)
  2. Adjust your thermostat. You really (trust me) don’t need to live in a 25° house in the winter and in the summer. Increasing your thermostat with 1° in the summer and decreasing it with 1° in the winter can save you up to 10% of your energy consumption! This way you’ll help the environment in a huge way. If you’re cold, put on a sweater and finally use those woolen socks your grandma has knit and you’re warm immediately! The earth will thank you (and your grandma).
  3. Use public transport or ride your bike. Going to work in your car is very harming for the air & the environment. Using your car often will eventually be dangerous for yourself too, as you are breathing the same air as your car leaves his gases in! Plus, riding a bike or using the bus or train, is healthier and you will meet new people!
  4. Eat less meat. I know this might sound ‘impossible’, but cutting off meat even one day entirely per week can help so much! I am a vegetarian myself and I can tell you that not eating meat is not that hard, really. And the replacements of meat are not wasting so much energy & material as meat is and they are actually not that bad! I think you’ve probably heard already, but producing meat is wasting so many things that have no need to be wasted and release a lot of gases and more that are very bad for the earth, so cutting off meat for one day or more, will be a very, very good thing to do. Besides, it’s healthy for you as well!
  5. Reuse shopping bags. I will have a few points here about reusing objects, and the first one is shopping bags. Have a few shopping bags (best if they’re not plastic!) and use those to shop. When the cashier ask if you want a bag, politely refuse and take out your own shopping bag. Differences are being made immediately!
  6. Recycle electronics. Recycling your electronics, such as mobile phones, can help the environment a lot. Bring your old laptop to a shop that recycles electronics (I’m sure there are places in your town who do that, put in a little effort in your research and you’ll get results:) and feel the earth giving you love in return!
  7. Buy reusable bottles and fill it with tap water. Reusable bottles are 1. fashionable and 2. helping the earth a lot. If you want to be an absolute hero, buy one which is made of metal or glass, not plastic but if not, that’s also fine because you’re helping the earth massively already.
  8. Buy a reusable lunch bag/box. This is also 1. fashionable and 2. helping the environment. You can find plenty of lunch bags online and most are not even very expensive! Because let’s be honest, I think we all know that using those plastic bags and throwing them away every day, isn’t very good for the earth, right?
  9. Sort our your trash. Separate the trash that can’t be recycled with things that can. For example, we, in my house, separate glass, ‘everything that’s green’ (so vegetables, fruit, plants etc), plastic, paper and what is left, we throw in the garbage can. This way, you recycle a lot of things which normally would have been wasted by throwing it in the garbage can. So, put it a little bit effort and sort it out!

    Sort your trash, including glass!
  10. Clean up streets. This one is simply done in 10 seconds. If you’re walking in the streets and you see a plastic bag waving around, pick it up and throw it in the garbage can. Along your way, clean up the streets and do this every time. Help the environment by cleaning up the streets and if you can, separate the trash you find, keep the glasses you find, for example, and throw them away in the ‘glass trash can’. You can also sign up for, for example, beach clean ups, where you and plenty other good-hearted human beings clean up beaches or streets. Good way to socialize and meet new people + help the earth!
  11. Buy reusable coffee cups. Buying coffee cups that can be reused every time is very helpful. All those ‘fancy’ plastic coffee cups you get every day when you buy a cup of coffee can be easily replaced by your own (fancy) cup and you can fill it with your own coffee, if you want! The earth will thank you right away.
  12. Know your plastic. You might not know this, but there are actually different sorts of plastic which all need to be ‘treated’ differently. Here below I have a summary of it, thank me later:).These simple tips can have a big impact on plastic pollution - learn how to use less plastic in your home!
  13. Quit buying ready-made meals. Cooking your own meals is 1. healthy and 2. helping the environment hugely. Ready-made meals are packed in plastic and that is such a waste of the plastic, which could have been used better.
  14. Spread the word. If you’re doing all these things or will start doing them, you probably know that on your own, the earth won’t improve much (I’m not a pessimist, I promise:). But by spreading the word to other people and encouraging them to do the same as you are doing, you will make a change that can cause a snowball-effect and that will change the world! So put on your beautiful smile and tell everyone about how important helping the environment is!

Hopefully this article was useful and you will start doing some points because together we will make a difference!

Have a good day and don’t forget to appreciate the trees and the fresh air!


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