I want you to

I want you to take me to a march

and see the justice that I feel

I want you to read my poetry

so you understand the deep me

I want you to do the routine I do every morning

so you understand why I care so much about self love

I want you to see my youtube history

because that’s the way you see where my heart is (ignore the cute footballers though)

I want you to take me to a supermarket

to hear me talk about my side job with passion because it’s a part of me I’m proud of (even though I am young)

I want you to teach me how to play basketball

because it’s just been a dream

I want you to tell me your thoughts

but you never seem to want me


-A little poem I wrote when I was feeling it, hahaha. I hope you don’t find the drawing too horrible, I genuinely tried but drawing is NOT my talent. But I wanted it to be personal and to be related to the poem, so there you go. Hope you liked this poem!

Have a good day and don’t forget to write out your feelings because it helps!


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