There are times where you just need a boost so you can continue with life again. Or you feel like a failure and you need to shake that feeling off. I can give hundreds of examples like these but I am sure there have been moments in your life where you wanted to increase your happiness right away because you didn’t want to feel down anymore. Fortunately you will learn, in a few minutes, what you can do to brighten your mood instantly. I collected around 10 things I & many others do to be happier and you should try out too. Enjoy!

What you can do to increase your happiness:

Stick a pencil between your teeth. This is proven to increase your mood because your mouth is formed like you’re smiling. Because your mouth is ‘smiling’, your brain thinks you’re ‘happy’ and then signals will be send through your body that say ‘hey I am happy’ and then: you will feel happier!

Now that we’re talking about it, simply smiling as wide as possible for a couple of minutes can improve your state of mind immediately. There is a signal going to your brain saying ‘hey I am smiling so I am happy, do something about it!’ and your brain is tricked into thinking you’re actually happy and it will change how you’re feeling. So, give it a try, smile ridiculously and see your mood improve!

Hang out with ‘happy’ friends. With ‘happy’ friends, I mean friends who make you laugh and who are happy (duuh). It is proven, and it makes sense, too, if you think about it, that happiness of others is contagious if you’re associated with it. So, call that friend who you always have fun with and hang out! Feel the happiness rising!

Talk. Talking about your thoughts and feelings helps A LOT. Whether it is to a psychologist or to your mother, talking (and sometimes even ranting) will take so much pressure off your shoulders. Knowing you don’t have to go through something alone gives you a good feeling, immediately.

What also helps, in the category of talking, is addressing a problem right away. If you notice something that is bothering you, tell someone in a patient and calm way. This way they will know what would help you remain happy. And they will also know that if they are bothered by something you do, they can always tell you, as well. This will contribute to both of your levels of happiness.

Eat clementine to improve your mood! 

Smell vanilla or clementine. Yes, I know this one sounds really weird, but it is scientifically proven that smelling these two ingredients, your state of mind will improve and you will be happier. So, light a vanilla-scented candle or eat a clementine and feel the energy rising!

Listen to music. This point can go to various directions. It is proven that listening to sad music and upbeat music lifts your mood. And yes, you are allowed to dance to music:). So, put on some Sam Smith or Adele and cry everything out or put on some Charlie Puth or Meghan Trainor and dance everything out. The choice is yours!

Fill your room with daylight. I think you know the feeling of dreariness that enters your room when it’s winter and it’s dark early or when it has been raining the entire day and the room is filled with gloom. This makes sense, as it is scientifically shown to be true that darkness decreases your happiness. So, go outside, in the view of blue sky and if it isn’t bright outside, open up your lamps to their brightest and feel your mood increase!

Talk to yourself in the mirror and fill your room with daylight! 

Be present. This one is simple but not a lot of people notice it. But as you’re reading this, your mind is probably not here. You are already thinking about that meeting tomorrow or what you’ll eat later today. You read this information but you are not present in the now. So, be present and you will be less distracted from reality. So, if you are present, welcome and enjoy this article!

Remind yourself of your worth. Talking to yourself in the mirror or saying ‘I am worth it’ (or something related to that) is proven to lift your mood intensively. So, try it and tell yourself how beautiful you are, because you are!

Meditate. Meditation is shown to be a true happiness-increasing-method. To meditate, or to simply take 10 slow breaths, you will  be calmed down and see your problems in perspective. You might have an anxiety attack or just be very overwhelmed (or any other feeling) but meditation and breathing genuinely helps. You can find plenty of guided meditations online, as well as non-guided meditations. Give it a try!

Hopefully this article helped and informed you more about how to be happier instantly. I would genuinely advice you to try them out whenever you’re feeling down, they will help you.

Have a good day and don’t forget to tell yourself you are worth it, because you are!




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