We’ve all read about them, heard people talking about them and we have probably set them but what is the big deal with setting goals? Why do all successful people encourage you to set goals and what results from it? In this article I will discuss these questions on the basis of a few statements on why goals are important.

But first, what are goals precisely?

Goals are, shortly described, plans to reach certain results, including a set-time and an expectation. Goals are used to get things done and to achieve something. Goals can be as simple as ‘clean my entire room’ or as big as ‘becoming a full-time writer’, you can set any goal you want to and achieve it.

But: why are goals so important to have?

  1. Goals give you control and structure. If you have a certain amount of time and an achievement that you need to reach, you have a certain way of living. When you don’t have a goal, you wander around though life doing what everyone else is doing, but if you have a goal you work specifically towards that goal. You take control of your own life and live it in the way you can and will reach your goal.
  2. Goals make you more focused. If you have a goal that is hard to achieve, you will need to work on that, a lot. You can’t lose focus for a year and then come back to your goal. No, having goals keeps you focused on growing and achieving that goal and this will give you less distractions to start following other people’s goals, instead of your own.
  3. Goals motivate you. Motivation doesn’t come from doing what everyone else is doing, it comes from doing something uncomfortable but satisfying. When you have a certain plan in your head which you would love to do, you want to work on that plan and you will be more motivated to wake up every morning, because you have a goal that needs to be achieved.
  4. Goals help you become the best version of yourself. Because of goals, you require certain skills of yourself and you automatically grow. The more time you spend working on something, the better you become on that specific thing but eventually you also become a better person. Others like to be around people who are ambitious and have a plan, and you are becoming such a person.

I hope this brief summary has helped you inform why goals are so important. What are your goals? Let me know, I am curious to see what yours are!

Have a good day and don’t forget to do something challenging every day!




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