Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason


Aah, poetry! One of my favorite things to write and to write about. Reading new poetry is a treasure I hope to have my entire life & you probably feel the same, as you’ve come to this page to read the best poems I’ve read in my years of reading poetry. Now, let’s start with me clarifying a couple of things to not confuse or frustrate you. First, I haven’t read all the anthologies that exist and I’m not 100 years old so I am not able to tell you (unfortunately) the best poems, in my opinion, out of all of the poems that have been written. Second, it is possible that my poetry preference is not the poetry you are searching for or you love to read. So if the next poems do not blow your mind or make you gasp, this style might not be your preference and I hope you do find it soon! And last but not least, these choices are chosen because of how they are written but also influenced (a little) by my personal experience. But I tried to keep my mind open to all the poetry I have read & here is the collection of my favorite poems I’ve read. Enjoy!

– From Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey  

Brilliantness like this always give me a shake but makes me gasp too.


– From Melissa Lee-Houghton’s A Body Made of You

This long poem has so many factors that touched my heart I can’t analyze it in one sentence.

– From Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey

I recall this one to myself very often and she choose the best way to start her anthology ‘milk and honey’.

– From Amanda Lovelace’s the princess saves herself in this one

EVERYBODY TOLD ME HOW GOOD I LOOKED, THOUGH“, YES AMANDA GO!! Lovelace pictures the faults in our society so well and this poem proves it again.

– From Sabrina Beniam’s Depression & Other Magic Tricks

A sad, heartbreaking but brilliant piece of words which describe loneliness & depression perfectly.

– From Rupi Kaur’s the sun and her flowers

A post-breakup poem that digs deep into heartache.

– From Sabrina Benaim’s Depression & Other Magic Tricks

My name is a euphemism for depressed, or anxious, or whatever”, my favorite line out of this sad, beautiful but truthful poem.

– From Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey

This one is more influenced by my personal experience than the others but still a masterpiece that breaks hearts but speaks truth.

– From Rupi Kaur’s the sun & her flowers

This poem rhymes so perfectly & it makes me giggle every time I read it because of the tone Kaur gives it, while many poems she wrote do not have that sexy tone.

These were my 9 favorite poems out of the books I own. Yes, there are quite a few from Rupi Kaur’s, but I sometimes just gasp when I read her poems and I needed to show you a few of them as well.

The books which contain these poems:

Rupi Kaur‘s the sun and her flowers & milk and honey

Amanda Lovelace‘s the princess saves herself in this one

Sabrina Benaim‘s Depression & other magic tricks (this is her Tumblr because she doesn’t have her own site)

Melissa Lee-Houghton‘s A Body Made of You (the link is her Twitter because her own site is not online yet)

I hope you enjoyed and were touched by these poems like I was and that I could add some joy or a smile to your day because you deserve to smile. & I also hope you could find your way in my opinion about these poems rocking it:).


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