Dear you,

After a long and well-deserved break, you have to go back to school. You probably are not excited or enthusiastic to go back again, and that is understandable. School & all the studying is hard and that will, no doubt, make you feel so frustrated, sad and empty, sometimes. That’s why I wanted to write you this letter, talking about the most important things that apply to our happiness in school. May this be a source of hope & knowledge from me to you, because your year doesn’t have to suck and you deserve to be happy.

Over the years, whether it happens quick or slowly, your friends may change. The people you used to hang out with leave, find other friends or you simply stop seeing them. This is okay. It is okay if it makes you nostalgic sometimes and it is okay to cry about losing a friend, but you will make many more friends in a lifetime and you will lose a lot, as well. Use the experience of having that certain friend to learn more about life & to be grateful for what you have been given and what will be given to you. You also do not have to have a massive group of friends. It is better to have two close friends who you trust & like, than a group of people where you cannot be yourself. Respect that.

Start teaching yourself planning. Planning with a schedule is something so useful and it will save you so much stress. To have one paper where you can see everything that will happen in the upcoming month is peaceful and you have a good overview of what will come.

School is going to be stressful and this might make you feel overwhelmed sometimes. It occasionally will feel like it is too much, but you have to keep going & remind yourself that you are enough, time will heal and the sun will come up.

A lot of people might be expecting a lot from you, considering grades, behavior, results, but:

the only expectations you have to fulfill are your own and even those are allowed to   not be fulfilled at the end of the year.

Take more time apart for yourself. Whether that is creating a skincare routine, meditating or your favorite hobby, doing something for you every day makes you more self-conscious, calm and happy.

Do not be afraid to not be the most popular human being walking around in the hallways. Doing your own thing will make you happier than doing what all the ‘popular kids’ do. But now that I have mentioned that, it is also okay to be a part of the ‘popular kids’. We’re not throwing any hate. Being yourself is going to turn out so much better than trying to fit in. Besides, if you do your own thing, you will find your friends. Trust the process.


Learn to work hard, but efficiently. I have a premonition that you are not planning on failing this school year so you have to become serious when it is about tests & studying. Work your ass off but meanwhile, find out what your best way of studying is. This might take a while but once you have found it, you start to work hard & efficiently. YES!!

Talk if things are getting too much. If you’ve been stuck in this endless circle of tiredness and, perhaps, sadness, speak up to someone you trust. Talking is such a relief and vital part of you staying sane throughout the school year. (want to know what else keeps you sane in High School? A blogpost that will come up tomorrow tells you all about it!) It might be scary at first, but trust me once you’ve opened up the weight will partially and maybe entirely fall off your shoulders. So talk. It is okay.

Stop spending time with people who do not bring you any positivity. Stop spending time with people who do not bring out the best in you. Think of every person you meet up with regularly (or not) and think: ‘does this person left me up? Do I feel comfortable around this person? When I leave, do I have a good feeling or only ashamed or tired feelings?’. If the answer is no, do not hang out with these people anymore. Might be rough at first and sometimes it can seem inevitable not to hang out with them, but decrease your meet-ups and you will feel so much better afterwards. Spending time with the ones who do lift you up will make you so much more happier.

Open up to different people. Start smiling & talking to people in your class you usually don’t smile and talk to. This person might feel down and you will help them by showing interest, you might have an interested conversation and you might meet some awesome new people! And don’t be too sad when it doesn’t work out sometimes. That is okay. (if you want to learn how to talk easily to new people & perhaps make new friends, the article upcoming Thursday is your friend!)

A new school year, new people and new subject matters, it is all a little terrifying at first for most. But you, you can do it. You did it last year and you can do it again. And even if you did not do it last year, you can do it this year. Try to stay as real as possible, be kind to everyone and you will rock this year.

+ one more thing. Stand up for the people who do not or cannot stand up for themselves. I feel like it is required to mention that here. Speak up for the ones being too afraid to do it for themselves and be kind to them as well, because one day you might need it as well. They will be grateful and you will be happy, too. Just, be kind:)

One more time:


Lots and lots and lots and lots of hope & love & kisses & belief in you & me sending you so many hugs through telepathy,

Intellectual dork,

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