High school. Hell, torture, killing, all names you’ve probably used when talking about school. Maybe a little bit exaggerated but school (not only high school though…) can be a pain in the ass and gives you some serious hard times. But it doesn’t always have to be. I have collected the golden rules to surviving this school year but now you will enjoy it instead of disliking it. So, read on and rule this school year with these golden rules!


Plan ahead. Buy a planner that has a monthly review as well as a weekly and write down every. single. appointment. in it. Plus the important happenings in your life. Having an overview gives you so much peace and you will be able to prepare better for certain dates.

Stay real & true

Take time for yourself & stay real. If you need to take a night out for yourself, put your mental health before your school work & anything else. Your mindset and mental health are so incredibly important and you should give it all the attention you can give it. If people are only making you feel down, don’t hang out with them anymore. If a certain class is draining you, drop it if you are able to. Do something you enjoy doing every day for at least 15 minutes and take care of your body. These are a couple of examples of how to stay real & true to yourself. It is easy to forget yourself sometimes so that’s why this is a little reminder to not forget yourself!

Don’t take everything too serious

A bad grade does not mean everyone will hate you. Not being popular or being liked back is not the end of the world. This might sound harsh, but your view will change once you stop seeing things too seriously. Teenagers tend to do this and ruin their happiness but it is possible to work on it & stop thinking too much. Remind yourself that a lot of teenagers have equal feelings as you have and that you are not alone & not the only one feeling this way. And people do not care THAT much about how you look, if you say ‘weird things’ (according to you), and all those other insecurities, because everyone’s already busy dealing with their own issues. Plus, realness attracts. So be you and the right people will come on your path.

Speak out

It is proven that asking questions helps you study better. If you’re an active student who asks questions, you brain will pick up the most information and store it longer. But not only asking questions and showing interest in subjects is important when it comes to speaking out. When you are feeling low, sad or exhausted, talk about it. You perhaps have heard this many times but talking is truly one of the best way to release tension & stress. So, take a deep breath and talk, even when it feels like the most uncomfortable thing to do when you are not feeling good.

Do more of what you makes you happy (how cliché this sounds, but read on:)

If you have one or more good friends who you can laugh & feel comfortable with, hang out with them whenever you can. If school is getting rough, a good hang-out with friends can help you tons. This also counts for sports. If you find happiness in anything, do it more. (But don’t forget to look around & expand your social circle as well, you never know who you will meet)

I hope you will get through this year without too many lows but if you are facing a really hard challenge, always know that you are loved, you matter & you are not alone. There are hotlines out there if you need to talk to someone and you’re in danger & sites where you can talk to others as well. And hopefully this article gave you a source of inspiration as well.

So rock this school year with these golden rules & stay honest to yourself!


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