Last summer I started an obsession with the ‘back to school’/’school tips’ youtube videos. I have no idea why because it was the middle of the summer and I was thinking about school?! I still don’t know what was wrong with me, but my obsession taught me so much. I think I can genuinely say that if it hadn’t been for those videos and tips, I wouldn’t have passed this last year with the grades I had. So I hope to share the best tips here with you, the ones I learnt a year ago and the ones which have always helped me steadying my grades (and having good grades as well:). Hopefully I can teach you a couple of things as other have taught me. Enjoy!

Active/passive student

As I mentioned in the article yesterday, talking about staying sane in high school, in school there are active and passive students. Passive students listen and make the notes the teacher makes. They study everything for a test at home and don’t ask questions. So they are the ones who ‘study at home’ (meaning they study until midnight and then still don’t get it. Relatable? Yeah, me too). Then there are the active students. These ask questions, are involved in the subject matters and this way they study at school just as much as they do at home. Plus, they don’t have to do that much when they are home. Be an active student. Get involved and be present in school. This way you will storage more, it will be saved in your long term memory and your teachers will be more willing when it comes to helping you & giving you tips.


Keeping your books & notebooks organized will help you tons. Leaving your books and notebooks all over the place will only cause the loss of them. If you want to write lyrics in your notebook, pick a blank page or circle it so that you will not confuse your homework with it (saying this because it’s happened to me too many times). Keep your books need and try to not draw them entirely. This way you will have an overview on what you need to study and do not get confused when studying.

Start early

Start at least 3 days before the test. Really. Whether it is a lot of studying or it is very easy, starting at least 3 days before will save you so much stress. Make a plan the moment you get the test date. How much time will you need for this? Let’s say you need to read, write and study, try to imagine how much time you will need for those three things. If you need, for example, three days for that, start 5/6 days early. This way you have 1/2 days to practice your knowledge after 3 days of studying and 1 day to revision. This system doesn’t apply for all the subjects, but I hope you get the idea. With this scheme a lot of my marks have been saved.

An example of how to plan your tests!


Revision is so important. It helps you to remember what you learned more clearly & it will be saved better in your brain. Do it the day before the test extended and the day of the test, use at least 20/30 minutes for it. If you don’t wake up early, considering waking up at 5 or sometime similarly every day is a good idea. This way, you always have room for revision or studying. Revising can be practicing assignments, translating or reading over your summary but whatever it is, make sure you are 100% in it and you do it efficiently.

Take care of your own health

Sleep enough and eat healthy. Two things that are vital when it comes to achieving well in school. I think this is quite clear itself, but still, a remind worthy. Treating your mind right is treating your body right & that is crucial to your marks, so sleep at least 7,5/8 hours and never forget to have breakfast, lunch and dinner!


At the start of this school year, write down your goals. List three or more things you wish to accomplish this year. Maybe this is having certain grades, to pass this year or  non-school goals, but writing down goals has been proven to motivate and help you succeed.

These are the main tips I can give you for steadying and upgrading your grade, hopefully you have learned from this or was reminded how important some things are.

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Enjoy your last weeks of vacation and don’t forget to stay tuned for tomorrow’s article about making friends!