Next week, a lot of students will be starting their school year. Discussing the major tips & advices I have talked about this week & that are suitable for the upcoming school year, I hope that with this summary you will feel ready for this year!

As a bonus, I will share 2 checklists to help you a little with school & life.

  • Checklist: Back to school
  • Checklist: Self-care 

So keep on reading to read the summary of this week’s blog marathon about school & to see the checklists!

Be yourself

Being yourself doesn’t mean everyone is going to like you, instead you will not be liked by everyone. Honesty sometimes scares people and you just have different people walking around on this world, so not everyone will like you. But being yourself is such a freeing thing. Being honest with yourself and everyone else, starting to accept who you are, ugly crying face, awkwardness and everything, these two things are everything. Once you realize honesty and truth are two of the most important things, you will be a step closer to being your best self. Realness attracts and with that being said, the right people will come on your path. So don’t be scared and start being yourself even when it’s uncomfortable. ESPECIALLY when it is uncomfortable and scary.


Putting yourself first and working on yourself is such a positive item that is a very crucial part of your happiness. This aligns with what we discusses previously, but taking care of your health, mentally and physically, is a step before being comfortable with yourself. Focusing on you instead of everyone else will make you a more positive person and people like to be around positive human beings. With focusing on you instead of everyone else does not mean, of course, being negative towards yourself. It means improving yourself as a person, but also as a businesswoman/man, athlete, reader, whatever it is that you want to improve at. Achieving goals and improving will turn you into that positive person and failing will only teach you more.

You can’t be better than yesterday if you do nothing today and you can’t love and accept yourself if you are not healthy. So put yourself first. 


Speaking out when you have questions about something in school or in your life or when you have a weight on your shoulders will bring you so much further in life. Through talking you will find relief and your true friends. Give people a chance to trust them and to let them help you because talking is, truly, one of the best medicine if in pain. 

These three things, being yourself, self-care and talking are very crucial this year and every year, as you’ve probably read by now. Try to really focus on these three if you want to grow as a person and stay real.

This checklist will help you get ready for school and makes sure you won’t forget the most important items:


And this next checklist will make sure you take good care of yourself:


Hopefully these checklists have helped you. And to get back to the school-theme: everything will be alright and if you need a word of courage:

You can do this. You really can. Breathe and believe in yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s marathon & if you want to read through the week, click on the articles below and feel free to ask questions/suggestions!

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