Dear rapist,

It might start off as a joke. How many women can you touch in one night? But it is not a joke. Because this ‘joke’ turns out to work. You perhaps like touching women. And then you notice something else. The more you touch them and behave with dominance, the more fear they seem to gain. So instead of stopping, you don’t. You take it even farther and pleasure starts to arise. What?


This gives you pleasure? This turns you on? Or is it another emotion I can’t quite place? That I can’t quite imagine?

Dear rapist,

Let me tell you what you will achieve with this funny, but terrifying for the human being you’re raping, ‘joke’. One minute of joy for you can turn into a lifetime of shame and scars for the women. For years, they might shiver when even their closest friend brushes their leg or when a date goes the right direction. This joke can turn into a mental illness. In some extreme cases, you raping someone can turn into them committing suicide. No, I am not joking or lying. You can kill someone. You ruin people’s life. You scar people for the rest of their years and this all because of your ‘quarter of fun’. But besides that, you can leave all those consequences for other people out of this. The fact that you enjoy scaring people so badly and leaving them absolutely broken and empty, just for yourself, says enough about you.

And dear rapist,

Besides a 1-10 years in jail for you, raping someone not can, but will turn you into a disgrace for your friends, mates and family. It sounds cruel, but it is true. And the women or men you harassed will feel the same. Only they do not deserve to feel ashamed, but you do. But you probably walk around proudly without any feelings of disgrace, guilt and horror, right?

So what is it? I genuinely want to know. Was your brain ‘being stupid’? Were your braincells shut off and you couldn’t contain yourself? Was it just your instinct telling you it was okay to grab her? What was it?

No. Don’t make excuses for something so horrid as rape and sexual abuse. You scare people for the rest of their life and you are proud of it. You should be embarrassed by yourself to have let everybody down and to show the ugliest part of your heart, instead of the good one. Hopefully you will realize that someday.

And to future rapists, don’t. Do not touch women when they don’t want to be touched and don’t. take. it. any. further. You know the consequences, you know what’s at stake and you know you don’t have an ugly heart. So don’t!  Because even thinking about it makes my heart explode with madness so you better watch your back if you decide to do it anyway.

With all love to the strong human beings out there,


A loving but mad woman

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