You probably prefer laying on the couch, eating and watching Netflix, right? I completely understand that and wish I could join, but working as a teenager, for example in a restaurant or supermarket, does have a lot of advantages. In this article I will talk about them and hopefully convince you that working is not the worst idea ever. In contrast,

it is one of the best things you could do in your teenage years!

Let’s get started!


A job looks extremely well on your CV. If you have worked as a teenager previously, it shows that you have discipline, work hard and that you are ready for a real job, once you become an adult. The score is already 1-0 against other applicants if you want to apply for a job.


Working is great experience. Doing something you have never done before (presumably), having responsibilities, work in a team and learning to work hard with fixed times gives you experiences that will teach you so much about working, that specific job and life in general and you will be able to use that throughout your entire career.


Earning money is probably the main reason why you want to start working. Even if teenagers do not get paid ‘big money’, you genuinely start to see difference. You don’t have to think so often if you can buy that dress or jeans, you can save up a lot and you can treat other people. This all improves your well-being, physical and mental health. Long story short, money doesn’t buy you happiness but it sure helps. And working is the perfect way to start. Plus, you learn how to handle having enough money in your pocket and how to be responsible with it, which your parents will be pleased with.


If you start working, you socialize more. You meet many new people who might be super kind and you perhaps even make actual good friends. And even if that is not the case, you meet people who can be very handy for you and your future. Have contact with other human beings you usually wouldn’t contact and get to know them. And as a bonus, you can work on your social skills (this one has been so helpful for me).


Energy is sent your way once you start working. Having a part-time job makes you feel accomplished and energetic and this will bring you more happiness and health. Give it time though, a job can be scary and nerve-wrecking at first but it gets better and the energy will come!

So, has the little piece of motivation arrived and are you ready to look for a part-time job? I hope so! Hopefully I have informed you enough and you want to start working. Don’t be scared but see it as a challenge that will help you get further in the future. 

Do you have anything to add or tips for teenagers who want to start working? Comment them below!







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