Drowning in waters

From the moment, I was born

Until the moment that I die

I will always believe the best in people

Not because I think everyone is good

But because I don’t want to see the bad

Not because I want everyone to like me

But because I want to like myself

I’ve always believed in others

No matter now crazy they seemed

But now I am drowning in water

Because no one seems to believe

In me




A poem I wrote months ago but re-reading it now, I felt the need to post it. You are not alone. You are loved. You are beautiful and deserve happiness and health, no matter what you may think now. We all have insecurities but so many of them are nonsense, because we are who we are and that’s enough.

 Love everything around you and everything will love you, too.


P.S what would you think of a little series of poems that you can download and read whenever? Comment or contact me if you would like that!


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