20180924_081105_0001In a couple of months I am moving into a new house. New city, new neighborhood and a new home (duh). If I have to be honest, this kind of terrifies me, as I have absolutely no clue how that will work out and if everything is going to stay the same or my life will change ‘drastically’. I am curious, but scared.

This big change in my life made me wonder… What is the best way to handle changes that affect your life in a great way? That’s what you will learn in this article. So read on & learn, hopefully!

Prepare I

When a change is coming that will affect your life, make sure you are as up to date as possible. Write down the dates in your agenda, make to-do lists (and actually finish them), etc. Be proactive, you could say. Undertake action and invest in the time you have now. This way you will have no surprises coming and you are more in control of the situation, which makes it easier and less scary, as you know you are, technically, ready for it.


Keeping your thoughts and worries inside is extremely unhealthy.  I bet you already know this, but not opening up can lead to anxiety, depression and even worse… So open your mouth and talk to someone about your thoughts on the situation, whether it is a therapist, friend or stranger. (you can check out 7cups.com, too!) Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable because you will not regret letting go of the weight off your shoulders.


I have to add a little note: do not quit hanging out with your friends, even when you are sad or scared. Seeing your friends releases tension and even though you don’t feel like it, it will eventually help you see the positive side of things.

Prepare II

This goes in line with prepare I (yeah, what else did you expect from I and II?), but this way of preparing for a big change is also a good way of getting more control over chaos. This preparing includes reading about whatever the change contains, asking questions (anonymous or not) to people who have gone through the same thing, searching online and everything else that you can do to prepare for what is coming. These are just examples but I hope you understand the point. It just really helps when you feel more in control and ready for what is about to happen so these are things you can do to help that.

Don’t stress & think too much

What I lately have been starting to do is seeing things in perspective. So many things of what we worry about, don’t even matter that much when it comes to it. And I am not saying this change is nothing, but simply put it in perspective and see the reality of it, not what you think it is at first. Analyze what stresses you out and what’s making you feel a certain way and then put those thoughts in perspective. ‘Is what I am worried about really going to happen? And if it does, what is the worse that could happen?’. These kind of questions will help you put your overthinking to an end. Analyzing & perspectives help you feel more calm and not too stressed.

Everything around the change = steady

This one is a bit hard, but very useful. If you have a big change coming, it is important to have a steady lifestyle surrounding it. Make sure you eat healthy, drink lots of water, take care of your skin & mental health and clean up your house (etc., etc.) Because if the change is giving you hard times, it is the worse thing to come home and having to clean up your room or to get sick while you are supposed to be alert, or any other unfortunate situation. So make sure you perform well at the basics and face the storm with a lifted (and healthy) head.


Everyone has different ways of coping, and that is totally okay. I hope that I covered most of those ways in this article and that I motivated you to take a real look at the change that’s about to happen. As long as you keep talking, not hold it in and have faith, you will be alright. I promise.

Are you facing a big change in your life? Let me know in the comments or contact me! 






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