You probably wondered (a love story yet to be uncovered)

Today you looked me in the eyes

For 10 long seconds, while you were talking

We held eye contact and my stomach turned itself around

More times than I turn at night

When I can’t sleep and I think and wonder about you

We held eye contact and I felt myself melting right there on that spot,

like an ice cube on that unexpected hot day

that could be a metaphor for you, by the way

an unexpected but surprisingly warming love

Today you looked me in the eyes

with those shining brown eyes

And you probably wondered

Why I smiled so widely

Did you?


-I’m sorry but I couldn’t help

feeling every emotion with that 10 second eye-catch


A short love poem I wrote a couple of days ago when an entire zoo entered my stomach and I couldn’t focus straight anymore.

I hope you love this poem about love & being in love.

Do you like these poems about love? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to love yourself,


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