Yes! Finally another book review. It is always exciting to look at my planner and see I get to write a book review, because I just love rethinking about books I have read in the past and to form my opinion about it, again. So, let’s get started, shall we?

The book that will be reviewed today is Heart Talk by Cleo Wade. Cleo Wade is doing a lot for the society we live in today and the next generations to come, as she is a poet, artist, activist and storyteller who talks about the important things in this world. She believes in kindness, (self) love and bravery, as she says so herself. She wrote Heart Talk in 2018 and hasn’t won any awards yet, but is expected to. To read more, read on!

Heart Talk is not a fiction story or a book with a specific storyline, as the past book reviews are, which you can read here. With life lessons she has learned throughout her own life and poetry based on those life lessons, Wade fills in this 212 page-book and tries to teach & inspire all the readers to live a better, more balanced and fulfilled life, and how to achieve that goal, as well. As Cleo Wade focuses a lot on kindness towards society and towards ourselves and self-love, that are the things she writes most about and you will read about, obviously.

“Remember not to care about the things you don’t even care about”

Cleo Wade

This book will give you inspiration and new perspectives on life. While Wade doesn’t include all the aspects in life, such as heartbreak or feeling ashamed, the ones she does discuss will bring a new and fresh wave of ideas & motivation in your life.

A page out of the book “Heart Talk”

Overall, I genuinely liked this book. While it is easy to read, is also makes you think about your own life and how you handle the situations she talks about. Wade achieved most of what she wanted to achieve with this book, but still it feels like there is something missing. Besides the poetry being simple and clear (which is not necessarily a bad thing), Cleo Wade focuses a lot on self-love and how to better your life, for you and the ones around you. But it almost seems, to me, as if she has forgotten that sometimes life brings us deeper hurts than the things she writes about in Heart Talk. There are certain topics that I just missed throughout the book and I was expecting to read about, but they never came. The things she does discuss, she discusses strongly and she clarifies her point, and that is beautiful, truly, but I would’ve liked it if she would’ve dug deeper into some other aspects of an average life.

Final grade: 7.8

A powerful, inspiring and motivating books but with flaws. Nevertheless worth the read!

Hopefully you’ve found what you were looking for in this article and that you understand my point and what I am saying. Nevertheless, as I said earlier after my final grade, this book is a perfectly fine suggestion if you want to be inspired and want to read a good book. I felt satisfied after finishing it, but with some more thought I created this final opinion, which can be read above:).

What book would you like to be reviewed here? Or do you have other suggestions? Let me know!

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