20181007_121428_0001I am so sorry  for posting this three days late… I was so busy running around that my time just seemed to be slipping away out of my hands. But that might not have been the case if I had.. walked barefoot!

When I started the research to the benefits of walking barefoot, I did NOT expect it to have so many advantages. That really surprised me and I am so in love with walking barefoot even though I never did or thought about it, often. But I will, now! And oh, a small clarification that might help you get through this article without questioning: with walking barefoot I mean walking without shoes, socks or any support supporting your feet and in this article I sometimes refer to walking outside but I mostly mean inside & outside, so both. But I will let you know if that is the case, so don’t worry!

So are you ready to read why walking barefoot is so important? Great! Let’s get started then.

Walking barefoot inside & outside


Walking barefoot will control your insomnia. Studies have shown that this activity help stabilize your circadian rhythms, something that is important when it comes to a good night of sleep. (if you have trouble sleeping, also consider changing your bedroom to a more calm place)

Leg muscles

When you walk without support supporting your feet, your body is being challenged to a new sort of walking. Your leg muscles will 100% grow and become stronger and plus: this will also help your lower back region.

Reconnect with the nature again! Read further to read why.


In connection with the previous point, walking barefoot is challenging your body and this will improve your posture. As we walk with shoes supporting our feet 80% of our day, our foot muscles have deteriorated in comparison to ages ago. Walking without shoes will improve your posture again!

Blood pressure

When you walk without any support surrounding your feet, the nerves of both of your feet are being stimulated. These nerves lower your stress level, increase happiness and control your blood pressure. Bonus!

Walking barefoot outside

Energy level

As you probably already know, there is a lot of energy stored in every inch of nature. The fresh air, the earth just doing its own thing, these are two of the many benefits nature has and therefore, nature is extremely healthy for a human being. Walking barefoot in nature will increase your own energy level and you will become more energetic!

Awareness of nature & body

When you walk outside, you will start to become more aware of two crucial things: nature and your own body. You notice a lot more than you usually would if you were walking with shoes on, because you feel everything twice as much and this will help you become more present in your life, as you are living and feeling in the moment. Really feel the ground when you are walking on it and notice how your body posture moves and changes itself.

Are you surprised, too? Well, I completely understand because I felt that too. And then to imagine there are so many advantages of walking barefoot that will improve your happiness & health that haven’t even been found yet! Will you walk without your shoes more often, after reading this article? Let me know! And if you are planning to, please do be careful. Not immediately walk outside without worrying how your feet will react, because your feet have to adjust to walking without coverage. But I would definitely recommend it, anyway!

I hope you found this article useful and

if you have any suggestions about my next articles, feel free to tell me!

Have a good day and don’t forget to spend 15 minutes of your day outside, with or without shoes! 


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