20181023_115946_0001Waking up early seems, beforehand, probably nearly impossible and only for ‘morning people’. You possibly growl immediately when someone even mentions the idea of waking up before dawn, but hold on a minute! Waking up has benefits which can change your life and do so much to your health, so read on to find out my experience + tips!

I’ve read tons of articles and seen a dozen videos about how waking up early will ‘change your life’. But most of these stories and experiences were from one main perspective: adulthood. Now there is nothing wrong with adults (at all) but they just have a different morning routine, as to what they want to do, what they can do and how much time they have. It is just a different routine than students have.                                                                                         Because let’s be real: students don’t have that much time in the morning and students have to spend it on other things than adults do. So that’s why I would love to tell you why waking up early, as a student who had to go to school at 8.00 AM, changed my life and how I did it.

  1. Why I started

  2. The actual start + how did I do it?

  3. How I feel now

  4. The truth about waking up early

Why I started


I can recall this memory vividly, because it’s basically a reminder of what a weirdo I am (no shame at all though:). So, on the 30th of December I was watching YouTube videos (as usual that holiday) and came across a video of someone talking about ‘how waking up early changed my life‘. I watched a couple more videos about it and all the sudden felt this adrenaline rush to do the same as they were doing, namely waking up early. I also felt motivated to do something new. I read all the advantages and was ready to give it a shot. Now, you probably think: oh she will make this into one of those New Year’s resolutions, considering it is the 30th of december, right?


Because silly me didn’t want to make it a resolution. You know why? Talking with experience (as you can probably relate to this as well), resolutions are most often bound to fail. I didn’t want to make it a resolution which I would break the next week, I wanted it to become a habit. So instead of starting the 1st of January, I started the 31st of December (this is the part where I still laugh at myself, but as I said, no shame:).

From then on I woke up at either 5 or 5.30 AM, depending on the time I had gone to bed the past evening. I strived to sleep 8 hours, meaning I had to go to bed at either 9.00 or 9.30 PM. I was aware of the fact that 8 hours of sleep for a 15-year old probably wasn’t the best idea but I believed (and still do) a good sleep routine & rhythm is better than having an unstable one where the first night you are asleep at 9.30 PM and the next 11.00 PM, but sleep more than 8 hours. So I took a shot, decided to find out whether 8 hours was enough for me and ever since I’ve been waking up before dawn.

The actual start + how did I do it?

Okay, truth time: it was hard. If you & your body are used to waking up at around 7.00 AM, it is incredibly strange to hear your alarm go off at 5. I am not saying it got better after a while, I just found ways to get myself excited for the day + I just knew, when I woke up, I had important things to do which I couldn’t just procrastinate.

I started to find a purpose to waking up early, namely to build this blog (follow if you want to read more articles like this, it would make me so happy & you would be, too!), take more considerate care of myself and to study more & more efficiently. This purpose also motivated me to instead of throwing my alarm across the room, get out of bed.

My morning routine. Time for my blog is mostly between 6 and 7, but that all depends on what I have to do, what I can do, etc. 


Okay, I will get back to the start. In the Christmas break, when I started the habit, it was quite easy to wake up early, because I had all day + all the time to do whatever I wanted to do. The real work started when school started again. I had to plan efficiently and have a lot of discipline and that was definitely something I had to learn, but ‘mastered’ quite soon.

I learned something that is 1. quite obvious and 2. crucial. In the business world they use an abbreviation, namely FIFO. But besides the business world, this abbreviation can definitely be used when talking about the action of waking up early. FIFO means: First In, First Out. And if you apply it here, it means: the earlier you want to wake up, the earlier you will have to go to bed and sleep. You have to sacrifice lying on the couch until 11 PM and the same goes for sleeping in until noon. But it is worth the sacrifice, trust me.

How I feel now

After 3/4 years I can say that waking up at 5/5.30 AM definitely effected my life in a positive way. I have been able to focus more on myself and to work on something that I can be proud of or what I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I still have off days where I go to bed later than usual or decide to sleep in a bit, but overall it feels astonishing good to have a structured sleeping rhythm and to get actual important work done in the morning, including studying & this blog. Now that I’m thinking about it, I honestly would not be able to give up the early mornings if that would mean staying up later. I have just become such a morning person that I wouldn’t want it any other way.                                                                                                 To read all the benefits of waking up early, read on!

The truth about waking up early


The habit of waking up early will not be a habit you will be able to adjust to quickly, but once you give it time and learn to deal with it, it will give you so many advantages.

When you wake up earlier, you will:

  • have more time to exercise & improve your physical health (think of working out, do yoga or meditation).
  • be able to create more me-time and focus on your mental health.
  • have the opportunity to take on an online business or blog, considering you now have time to work on it every morning.
  • have extra time to study + do extra assignments
  • become a morning person (yes, that is possible).
  • be able to consume breakfast. You might have trouble eating in the morning but considering you’ve already been awake for a couple of hours, breakfast might be easier. (tip: drink water when you wake up. This will wake up your body!)
  • have time to pick up a new hobby.
  • be able to do chores you usually can’t do.

But then there is only one question remaining:

How do you wake up that early?

With these pro tips, you will be ready to be a morning person + feel accomplished before 8 AM!

What to do the night before to make the mornings better:

  1. Pick out your outfit and possible accessories. Pick out the clothes you like and hype yourself up for the next day & your ability to wear those clothes. This way you will not have to make those hard decisions in the morning and you will avoid walking around like a zombie.
  2. Clean your room. Set your alarm, put on relaxing music and clean your room for about 10 minutes. Having a room that feels comfortable and like home will give you a satisfied and calm feeling in the morning and decluttering is healthy for your mind. Plus your room will thank you for it!
  3. Make a to-do list and fill it with things you have to do & order them in order of importance.
  4. Make a time schedule. I love timetables so I love to do this. Find out what works best for you and make a schedule of how your morning is going to work out. This way you will know what you are going to do once you’ve woken up. Fill the to-do list in this timetable and you are good to go!


What to do in the morning to make the morning better:

  1. Wash your face & pee the moment you wake up. I personally feel like once I’ve done these two things, I’m practically awake, but that feeling might not be the same for you as well. Anyway, washing your face will give you a clean feeling and peeing will release tension you’ve been holding since the night.
  2. Drink a glass of water (or two, or three, etc…). Like I’ve said before in this article, drinking a glass of water will 1. wake up your body so it is (more) ready to consume food and 2. hydrate your body. Hydration is one of the most important things when it comes to physical & mental health. So be sure to drink water when you wake up!
  3. Make your bed. To make sure you won’t jump back in and to give your room a need sight, make your bed and make sure your room feels comfortable.
  4. Exercise right away. Working out will make you feel powerful and energized in the morning. Starting the day with this feeling will give you an amazing power boost for the day.
  5. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Saying ‘today is going to be a good day’, ‘make this morning worth waking up early’ or simply ‘I am beautiful’ lifts up your spirit and gives you motivation to be active & productive.
  6. Jump out of bed. Literally. Jumping out of bed will wake you up 150% more than strolling out of it as you usually might do. It is such an energetic movement and it will give you energy right away!
  7. Walk barefoot. Do not immediately put on shoes and give support to your feet. Walking barefoot has so many benefits which you can read here.
  8. Plan free time. Make sure your mornings aren’t completely filled but leave empty spaces which you can fill in with whatever you want to do at the moment.

Hopefully these tips are helpful and this article has cleared your brain a bit about waking up early & how it worked out for me and perhaps will too for you. If you want to create more time for yourself, your hobbies, school or anything else, waking up early is definitely a recommendation, but do work with what’s the best for you because your health is more important than your grades or accomplishments. Be proud of yourself for doing what you are doing right now & accept the situation as it is but strive for better.

Have you decided already? Will you take the shot too and see how waking up early changes your life? I wish you all the best & don’t give up when it gets hard. You won’t regret it and who knows what might come out of it!

If you have any suggestions for future articles OR tips for waking up early, feel free to comment them below! I would love to hear your thoughts and point of views.


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