20181102_090131_0001.pngWhat are the benefits of watching horror movies, you ask? Being allowed to watch Tangled afterwards? Yes, definitely. Skipping sleep because you don’t dare to even go upstairs? Yes! But there are more advantages of walking scary movies you probably don’t even know about!

A year or two ago I read that horror movies were good for your mental and physical health. I read it, then threw the article somewhere in the back of my brain and didn’t look back at it anymore. But recently, the article came up again, after my friend had suggested we’d watch a scary movie together. So I read more about it & decided to write this article. So, read on to find the surprising advantages of watching horror movies!

What will you learn? 

Watching a horror movie or prefer The Notebook? Read further for advantages of horror movies!
  • Healthy, surprising benefits of watching horror movies
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Healthy, surprising benefits of watching horror movies

I always run when something scared happens so this picture probably describes my situation after watching a horror movie. How about you?

When I started reading into this topic, I found that there are a lot of advantages of watching horror movies. I read and I read, but a lot of articles said different things and I thought most of the advantages weren’t affecting your health in a (very) great way. So I will talk about the three main benefits here that I think are useful and most surprising to you. But do know that there are more, I just found they did not matter that much (as they were very small effects), would blow your mind or I simply didn’t trust the sources. But here all the main benefits of watching horror movies that are definitely effective:

  1. Watching scary movies helps with anxiety. There are a couple of explanations. Seeing someone else’s anxiety can help you cope with yours, as you see you are not living in the world the character is currently in. You calm down because you know the world you are living in, is better. Plus, seeing another person panicking can decrease your anxiety too, no matter how inhuman it sounds. Another reason can be that it pumps up your adrenaline, glucose and cortisol, which also calms down your anxiety. But read further to read the extended version of the relation between anxiety & horror movies. 
  2. It enhances brain activity. Watching a movie that shocks you often or keeps you on the edge of your chair for a long time, releases neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters make sure your brain activity is on and watching horror movies definitely helps with that. Without brain activity you would die because your brain would not get enough supplies to keep going, so I suggest you watch a horror movie now;).
  3. Your immune system is boosted when you watch a movie that is hair-raising. A research that has been done, showed that after watching a scary movie, people’s white blood cells count went up. White blood cells fight diseases & repair your body after there has been done damage. An increased white blood cells count is extremely helpful for your body as it will make it stronger.

On the other side

Wait a moment…

Although these three advantages are helpful for your mental & physical health and will make you stronger, there is a side to these advantages that must be mentioned in this article. While watching horror movies can help you cope with anxiety, it can also do the opposite. This completely depends on the person, but it is important to know and look out for it. There are a lot of people who have experienced a decreased level of anxiety after watching for example IT, but it is what people felt, and it has not yet been researched very thoroughly. So it is something that you have to find out, yourself. Watching a horror movie can also have a traumatic effect on a child, as it can bring traumatic experiences to the surface and it can show the child what possibly is out there. Make sure that after watching a horror movie, you do something distracting and talk about it, if possible. This way you get it off your chest and handle it better.

I hope this brief article informed you about the main advantages of watching horror movies that have been proven to affect your health in a great way, whether it is physically or mentally. So, what is the next horror movie on your list? IT or perhaps Sinister? Or will you sit the next one out?

Let me know in the comments & if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment!



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