20181107_151345_0001You have hopefully, in the past months, read some poems on this website. If not, check them out now anyway:). Besides what I put online qua poetry, there is a whole other side of my poetry I haven’t shown anyone. But I still write it. And I read it. But then all the sudden, I wondered: why do I love to write and read poetry so much? Why haven’t I fallen in love with, let’s say, motorcycling? I dug a little deeper and put my thoughts onto  paper. So read on to read the reasons why I love writing & reading poetry so much.

I have divided the reasons into three parts:

  • Why I love writing poetry
  • Why I love reading poetry
  • Similarities

Why I love writing poetry

White Paper

I hope someday (soon?) to put out my very own poetry collection, but for now I am just working on my poetry by myself. If you would like to proofread my collection once it’s done by the way, contact me! But why does writing poetry actually makes my heart melt, break, shiver and cry? This is why I love writing poetry:

When I write, I find out underlying emotions that come up with the words. Sometimes one feeling can be turned around completely, once I write about it. When I write, I uncover the actual truth and not what I perceive something to be at first. This feeling is thrilling, as it gets me closer to the me that’s still ‘undercover’. If I display my feelings to the point where I get goosebumps because of my own words, that feels incredibly amazing. Learning to find and then actually finding the right words to use in a poem is something so hard but once it feels like I have done it, my heart just explodes with emotions. Yes, I know it sounds soo dramatic, right? But besides these three reasons, poetry allows me to feel accepted in every single form. Writing allows me to open up about everything. Anything that I am feeling, poetry will open a door for me to talk about it. And having that freedom is, you can probably guess it, freeing.

Why I love reading poetry

Light Inside Library

First of all and this goes for every piece of literature, you become more educated and sophisticated. Reading poetry expands your knowledge about every perspective of one’s life and that is a magical and powerful thing. You feel other people’s feelings and you learn from that. The same goes for music. This form of writing is a little different but still is so educating. On top of that, the moment that you read a poem that tears you apart has got to be one of the best feelings, as ironic as it sounds. Feeling your goosebumps come up and your heart melt or break, all because of one poem, is amazing. Thinking that someone wrote a poem of its own perspective but then it relating so well to yours, is truly brilliant and mind-blowing.


Opened White Book

This next list is a short collections of things I love about poetry that can apply to reading & writing it. When writing and reading poetry I sometimes have this ‘eureka’ moment where my brain just connects dots and where what I am reading just feels so whole & completed. When I have that moment, it makes my entire day and it inspires me so much. This might sound a little strange to you but if a moment like that happens, I can sit back and just smile incredibly widely because I feel so proud that I have written something like that or that there is someone who wrote a poem in such a genius way. And then last but definitely not least, poetry in general allows me to take weight off  my shoulders and relax. Knowing I am not the only one feeling like this and knowing that what I am feeling is valuable and possible to put into words is calming and it allows me to breathe.

I hope you could understand my reasonings & opinions. If you did, let me know and if you have anything to add, please let me know as well!


What is your favorite poetry collection? Let me know in the comments!

& If you want to read my favorite poems, click here!


If you would like to proofread my poetry collection once I’ve ‘finished’ it, contact me and we’ll discuss it. It would mean the world to me if you did!




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