Harmless Crush

I thought

I would marry a man who loved me

But who I didn’t love

I would die in someone’s arms

But knowing I wanted to die in yours

I would daydream and night sleep 

Feeling my heart pounding only for you 

I would tell my children ‘your father and I were meant to be’

But crying afterwards because who could honestly

Believe that lie?

I thought 

My eyes would burn and turn blind 

If I’d ever see you with your new lover

My hands would write endless rhymes 

About how you could never uncover

My mouth could never kiss someone else

Without feeling your lips instead of theirs

And you would paint your life in all the colors 

But leave me in the blue 

I thought 

I would never surrender from this harmless crush 

That turned into a torturous love 

I would die if I didn’t own

The one thing my heart craved for 

I would live 

Only if you lived with me 

I thought.

I thought.

But now I’m looking back and realize

What I thought and what was the truth 

Are two things which cannot be mixed up 

Because one thing I stopped feeling for you 

Is love

And I’m proud of myself for it 


I hope you liked this poem and if you are related to this feeling, I hope I portrayed it right for you. Let me know what you think of it & read my other poems as well: 

Have a good day & don’t forget you are your priority and not someone else. You are worth it and you deserve to be happy. 


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