Poem: the power of music

The power of music

Writing poems about music

Might seem a little strange

But my goosebumps are having hard times

When I listen to these sways

Some people have found magic in their hands

Before they found it in their face

Have found the right words

And know just how to portray

Some beats feel inhuman

Some beats are out of this world

And how can words mean so much,

Heal all the pain and hurt

How can my life be so perfectly described

In someone else’s words, so beautifully 

It might seem

A little dramatic when I say

But I think I’m being honest 

When I say music saves me


I am currently listening to Alessia Cara’s new album (the pains of growing) and I feel so incredibly connected to every single word, I am blown away by her lyrics and I got so much motivation to write poems, songs and so much more. So here I found myself writing a poem about how music can mean so much to a person. Hope you like it and let me know what you think of it. I love you, 


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