We all have days sometimes where we feel our body giving up. You might have been running around all week and you feel like you haven’t had one single moment to yourself. Or it’s only Monday but you already feel irritation coming up. Sometimes, you are just empty. And that is okay. Because what can we do to help that? Self-care

I know, I know, self-care sounds like ‘such a big deal‘. It sounds like you need to put in so much effort and to be honest, you sometimes can’t do that if you’re already feeling exhausted. But self-care is a thing you need to practice, every single day. Self-care is an action that needs constant attention, because at the end of the day, all you have is you. Your body is giving all its attention to keep itself (so you) alive, and what are you doing? Not giving it one piece of attention, flying from place to place and constantly doing what you ‘need to do’. Well I got one thing to say: stop! 

Read the 16 things to practice self-care now!

Practicing self-care is a daily action that is vital to a happy life. But what if you don’t have that much time? What if you feel like doing something, for yourself, so you’ll feel better, but you are already a little bit late or you just can’t seem to get things done? It might seem like a problem that can’t be solved, right? Well, you are wrong! 

In the following paragraphs, I collected 16 things you can do to take care of yourself and what you can do to get back up again. So read on and learn!

Disclaimer: please do all of these without your phone & be in the now, okay? Try to be present and breathe. It is going to be alright. 

Things you can do so that you practice self-care, but take only 5-90 minutes: 

  1. Read. Whether it is 30 or only 10 minutes, reading allows you to distract yourself for a while and it relaxes. A lot. Buy that book that’s been on your list for a long time and start in it, whenever you want to. I promise you, reading will improve your happiness, + it is healthy! (Why? Read here why reading will improve your mental health!) How much time? 10-30 minutes.
  2. Clean. You can set a timer for this one, or just start. But cleaning your room will reduce stress and gives a perfect option to distraction. You also get new inspiration on how to decorate your room and inspiration means happiness, right? How much time? 10-30 minutes.
  3. Eat healthy. Treating yourself chocolate and candy might seem a good idea at first (and sometimes, it is), but you will feel so much happier when you eat a healthy salad or a piece of fruit. You will feel more energized and it is, indeed, healthier (duh). How much time? 10 minutes.
  4. Drink water. This is in combination with the past one, but drinking water: the key to literally everything. Water is incredibly healthy for your skin, hair, health and happiness. So drink clear water & feel the health enter your body! (okay that did sound a bit weird, but you get it, right?:) How much time? <5 minutes
  5. Skin care. Skin care is self-care. Self-care is self-love. Self-love is happiness. Taking care of your skin reduces the risk of diseases and acne (and much more), and with that, skin care is a massive part of your physical health. Plus, when you are doing skin care, you feed yourself positivity and you’re focusing on yourself. This gives a good feeling and makes you feel beautiful (which you are, anyways). How much time? 5-20 minutes
  6. Take a shower. The same saying about skin care goes for taking a shower: taking care of your health is taking care of yourself. Taking a shower will, as a bonus, give you a refreshed and clean feeling which will give you a power boost so that you can continue your day. 
  7. Take a nap. Whether it is a power nap of 20 minutes or a full sleep cycle of 1,5 hours, taking a nap will restore your energy and distract you for a moment. How much time? 20-90 minutes
  8. Meditate. Meditation is setting time apart for yourself to improve yourself. You stop running around for a moment and decide: I deserve peace. Take that peace and meditate. How much time? 5-20 minutes
  9. Write in your journal. Writing has been proven to improve your happiness by every scientist on earth, so be sure to write down all your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and let it all out. Don’t be afraid to open up more than you’ve done to anyone else before, it is okay. Afterwards you will feel so much better, believe me. How much time? 5-15 minutes
  10. Take your bra off (if you are wearing one). Not much is needed to be said here, because taking your bra off is probably one of the best feelings in the world, right? Take that bra off if you can and relax! How much time? <5 minutes
  11. Take a bath. This one takes a little longer but gives you so much room to relax. Light some good-smelling candles and use bath soap, breathe in, breathe out and… just lay! How much time? 10-60 minutse
  12. Have contact with your loved ones. Sometimes you might think you can’t deal with socializing at that moment. You perhaps feel drained and you feel like you could not talk to anyone. Quite often, it is the opposite. Talking to your loved ones, family or friends, gives you distraction and you are reminded of how loved you are. Just give them a call or stop by and have an actual conversation with them, even if it is about the groceries. It will pay off and you will feel better afterwards. How much time? 5 – 20 minutes
  13. Cuddle with your pet. Playing with your pet has been proven to improve your happiness and make you feel good. Play with them or cuddle them and feel happiness coming. Try to ignore the thoughts and be in the present with your pet. How much time? 5-10 minutes
  14. Get your nails done. Whether you are doing it yourself or let someone else do it, good-looking nails give you confidence and satisfaction. Plus, you’ve taken time apart for yourself and that gives a good feeling as well. How much time? 5-15 minutes
  15. Put on calm music. Find a playlist that has calm and soft music and just put it on. You can do something else while listening or simply lay down and doze off to your dreamworld with soft music. How much time? 5-60 minutes
  16. Watch a movie. Watching a move distracts and it inspires (if it is a good movie of course:). Watch a horror movie or go for the best ones in this period of time, christmas movies. How much time? 1,5 to 2 hours (okay this one kind of crossed the line of 90 minutes but let’s pretend it didn’t)

You deserve self-care. Without self-care you are going to blow up because you can’t keep going all the time. Give yourself room to rest and allow yourself time for yourself, because you need it. Spread the word to others as well because we all need breaks once in a while. Or more like, thousand times per day. But hey, start off with one first, okay? 

Hopefully I have inspired you with this list and you can continue your day again, with new ideas and tips in your brain. Let me know what your thoughts are about self-care and if you have any tips? I would love to hear your feedback & comments!

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