‘New year, new me,‘ is a phrase that you might think of when it comes to the verb growing in this period of the year. Or perhaps you are thinking about wanting to grow, all the time, which is probably even better. But what about that verb: growing? Growing is all about improving yourself. Improving yourself is constantly being focused on who you are, who you want to be and how you will walk that road. In order to grow and become more happy, monthly checkups are crucial.

Monthly checkups are there to remind you what you are doing (and why) but also to show how you have come. It is crucial to stay motivated but to think about where you are right now and what you has gotten you here, as well. That last part can be summarized in one word: gratitude. ‘Gratituding’ every day is important, but looking at the bigger picture (monthly) is necessary, too.

If you read on, you will learn seven questions to ask yourself every last day of every month. Whether that is on the 30th or the 31st, make sure to do it & to do it with attention and focus. Consistency is key, so make sure you do it consistently!

Brief intro/explanation: You will find the questions in two places. First, I will explain the questions and teach you how to answer them properly. Then, you will be able to do it yourself. Write it down on a paper or get the image I made for you, that you can find below the ‘questions explained’ . All you have to do is screenshot the image and print it and you are ready to grow!

Seven question to ask yourself at the end of every month: explained

What happened this month that changed me?

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What event took place that forced you to go out of your comfort zone? Think about big events but don’t forget about small occasions. Perhaps it was a birthday or a day at your work/school that was a bit hard but looking back at it now, you see that you have grown from it. You maybe had the occasion twice but the second time, it was easier or you felt less scared to attend/do it. Think about what happened this month that has changed you and made you stronger/taught you something. This doesn’t necessarily have to be one thing, it can be multiple occasions. Don’t be afraid to be honest and write down what you think has made you grow.

What happened this month that caught me off guard?

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Did something happen that shook you awake or that opened your eyes? Was there something that you was surprised about or were touched by? Perhaps it was a small thing such as the fact that Mc Donald’s once made broccoli that tastes like bubblegum or it was something major this month, but just scan the past 4 weeks and spot the activities, events or people who caught you off guard and write it down. Realizing this will help you notice things you are not used to do and what you are perhaps scared of. It will also, perhaps, help you learn multiple weird facts if you can still remember them, but that is nothing but a side effect, haha.

For who or what am I grateful for?

This is a more general question but still necessary in order to grow. In order to grow, remembering and reminding yourself of all the good things in your life can’t be forgotten. Gratitude can sometimes bring you a bit more happiness and sometimes, it is that sprinkle of courage that you need. If you only look at the negative parts in your life (i.e.: not having done much grown since the start, feeling sad, etc.), your growth will not continue, but if you take in the positive things as well and speak of your gratitude, you will see and feel development. So, write down at least 5 things that happened this month or people that inspired you or made you happy. They can be small, such as having good and healthy food or pick events/people that had a major role this month.

Did I do the things that I wanted to do at the beginning of this month?

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Wondering why goals are important? Read it here & get motivated!

I hope that you always set goals for yourself. And then especially at the beginning of every month. If you don’t, consider changing that habit because growth will most likely stay around the corner if you don’t make goals. Having something to work on for one month and then finishing it or almost finishing it, is a great feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. But when you have written the goals down on the 1st of the month, you have to look a little further. Did you actually accomplish those goals on the 30th or 31st? Did you work hard enough or did you feel a lack of motivation or perhaps laziness took over? Write a brief recap about your goals and how you handled them. If you accomplished them, you can be very proud but if you didn’t, do not feel regret. Instead, take that feeling of ‘regret’ to this upcoming month and use that as motivation. You don’t want to write down the same thing next end of the month, right?

What life lessons have I learned this month?

This is something that I personally adore doing and I can literally keep on writing for a long time, so I will explain the joy of it to you. Every month, especially when you start focusing on development and going out of the box, you learn. Whether it is learning about fashion or mental ‘topics’, knowledge is a powerful thing. Now, with this question, I want you to think about this past month and ask yourself: what did I learn? As in: what did I discover that helped me gain more sense of comfort or that made me more confident throughout an activity/daily life? This answer can go several directions, so just write down as many life lessons, whether they seem strange or not. The point isn’t to write a novel with lessons so other people can read and understand it, these lessons are for you to read back to and to grow from it. If you understand it and you get strength from it, then you did a good job.

What will be my goals for this upcoming month?

If you’ve closed this month by thinking about the past questions, you are now all ready to move onto this upcoming month. Think about your goals. Maybe there are goals you didn’t get to finish this month, then put those on you list. Think about what matters you want to do and what you want to accomplish. That could be things that you have been putting off for a while or something new that you just thought of. But whatever it is, make sure it has something to do with personal, work or hobby related matters. What will bring growth into your life? What will help expand your career, improve your health or what will make you happier? Even if it is just something as small as reading a blog about to-read lists so you get inspiration for your to-read list, if it will help you grow further into a certain direction, put it on your list.

How will I achieve those goals?

This question mostly applies to the ‘big’ goals. Let’s say you have written down as a goal: finish The Handmaid’s Tale (or any other book will do:). Writing down just that goal will probably not do any more good than not writing it down. But making a plan for it will. Think about this: how will you actually accomplish finishing that book? You can, for example, set apart 30 bits of time apart. Every day, you will read for 15 minutes. That way, you finished your book by the end of the month. This is just an example, but I hope you understand how to write down the answer to this question. Think about the ‘how’ and be honest and realistic. You don’t want to look back and think: why did I ever think that was going to work out? You must rather want to accomplish & continue to grow, am I right?

Read the explanation and dying to start growing? Here is the monthly checkup you’ve been waiting for, good luck!

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