‘The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody’


There are a couple of books existing on this planet that need to be read by everyone, as said by the internet and by a lot of lists. The books that just get really good reviews and are said to ‘change your life’ or influence you in a great way. A list of not so many books and differencing from children’s books to adult novels, every category has a couple of books that are so good, every person should have read it by the time they are ‘old’. In order to grow, understand more of the world and to become a better person, these books are your power food.

I think you kind of know where I’m going, right? A book that has been on my to-read list for way too long, has gotten super good reviews and is one of those books everyone, apparently,‘has to read’: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

A novel about family, childhood, love but most of all, a 440-paged novel about racism and everything that comes with it. Because of its success ( NO. 1 New York Times Bestseller, NO. 1 Amazon UK Bestseller, etc.), the book is now a motion picture, starring Amandla Stenberg, Algee Smith, KJ Apa (yes that guy from Riverdale) and Sabrina Carpenter. So, obviously, I was wondering: is this book as good as it is said to be?

I took the change when I got it and read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and here is my answer to the question: is this book as good as it is said to be and why?

A Brief Summary of The Hate U Give

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Starr, a black teenage girl, lives in a poor neighborhood but goes to a prestigious high school. She has to keep a balance between these two completely different lives but that starts to get extremely hard when her (black) friend, Khalil, is shot by the police while being unarmed and not dangerous. Starr is shocked and scared because of this event and everything surrounding it and wants to change the situation but she is, still, a teenage high school student who doesn’t feel like she has the ability to say a lot and if she does, are people going to actually listen and not shoot her, too? She has to make certain decisions about whether to open her mouth and actually have a voice or keeping her mouth shut. This causes danger to her and her loved ones, but she tries to choose the best option.

My thoughts on The Hate U Give

I’m always in awe of the Women’s March & the power it has so here’s a picture, as it relates to this book:).

The Hate U Give is, truly, one of those books you have to read. Re-reading this book because of this review is becoming my favorite thing today. Thomas describes every event that is happening, big or small, so vivid and it feels like you are there, living with Starr and her loved ones. You feel every emotion as Starr feels it and that is definitely one of the strongest things in this book. Besides the emotions, the plot was strong and the ending is one you will not be able to read through without feeling any kind of emotion. I have heard people who had to cry and I, personally, felt my heart shake. How weird does that sound? I hope you understand it anyway, haha. Angie Thomas definitely knows how to write a novel discussing quite a lot of aspects on the topic of racism. I could honestly write an entire essay but I have to say, the only way you will understand my love and sadness for this book is to read it, yourself. If it doesn’t ‘change your life’, it definitely will give you more insight on racism, maybe especially if you are not a dark-skinned human being. Nevertheless, it is a book worth reading & I hope you understand why now.

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Have I convinced you yet? Let me know in the comments and if you’ve read the book, feel free to let me know your opinion. I would love to talk and find out!


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