‘It’s a place where we can forget about our problems for a little while’

– anonymous

3 years ago, I went to my first concert ever. Perhaps it wasn’t the best concert to start with, because it was probably the most hectic concert that I will ever attend: Justin Bieber. It was a perfect Sunday and we arrived around 12. Expecting to see lines and lines of people waiting to go in, we were surprised to see our own entrance being quite still. Obviously there were a couple of people but we were actually able to go and sit quite close to the actual entrance. But once the doors opened, all the calmness was gone. There is only one word that described the situation: chaos. The employees who tried to hold us with ropes where pushed aside and everyone just ran and ran. Trying to find the perfect spot and it was just as you see it on the news. Luckily, my friend and I found a good spot in the arena and the concert started. But while we were all singing along & enjoying it, several people had fainted nearby and someone actually threw up right next to us. Afterward, it was a drama with all the cars, buses & parents picking up their kids. I think we literally waited for around an hour until we finally got to our own car.

I am not saying I regret going to this concert, because it was one of the best nights of my life, but it would have definitely been better if I had known more about concerts in general and about concerts like this. If someone would have told me this or that, I probably would have been able to enjoy the day more and everything would’ve gone smoother. But enough said about my first concert. What about you? Perhaps you’ve already gone to your first and maybe you haven’t. Are you planning on going to a concert? Let me know!

If you are indeed going to a concert, you are extremely lucky and you have come to the right place on the Internet right now. Because I am about to share with you the best tips for going to a concert. Tips that will save your night & prepare you for an awesome one. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about concerts!

Tips for the best concert:

Have a memorable event by having live entertainment. Your guests will enjoy your favorite music all night.

1. Do your research.

Coming to the concert hall unprepared and unknowingly is probably one of the worst things to happen. Once you have ordered your tickets, start collection information about the hall & the actual concert. Where are the exits and the entrances? If you want to buy merchandise, where can you buy it and what will it cost? Have money prepared so you can buy your merchandise as fast as possible because possibly, it will be busy at the merchandise stand. Also, find out more about the concert itself. If it is a big concert hall, will the artist go to different places in the hall? What songs are sung on the right side, which ones on the left? Find out what the best spots to stand are and be prepared to fight for your place (if you are a hardcore, of course :). Doing your research can save you a lot of time AND money.

2. Prepare the person you are going with.

Group of People Raise Their Hands on Stadium

If the concert you are going to is a popular one, it will probably be a bit hectic. It can even be as hectic as mine was, as I described above. Preparing the person you are going with, if you are not going alone, can save him/her a lot of mental surprises and shocks. Also, when you get to the actual place, talk about meet-up places when things get chaotic. Talk about what happens when a fire occurs, where would you go? Have each other numbers saved in your phone and if you feel the need to (but best just do this anyway), write each other’s phone number on your arm. This way, if you faint or get injured without the person you are going with near, people can call him/her and you will be together, at last. Wow, that last piece sounded so romantic, didn’t it?

3. Get there early.

If you have done your research, you most likely have found out how the concert’s going to go. Will it be busy? If yes, be there early. Having one of the first spots is always the best when going to a concert, so don’t take risks but be there early.

4. Wear comfortable shoes (and clothes).

You are going to be dancing/jumping/singing along to an artist for 2 hours. Will you spend it with pain in your feet and pieces of clothing that constantly get your attention or will you, for once, be a carefree person who can do everything he/she wants to do? Do not try to look ‘fancy,’ wear shoes that allow you to walk a marathon if you have to. This way, you are sure of the best night ever.

5. Have a small bag with a zipper/one that closes.

Going to a concert, you are most likely not allowed to take huge bags with you, as this can contain dangerous materials and is harder to check. This is completely logical, as we don’t want to risk anything, right? But be prepared and have a bag which is easy to check and you can lock off. Why easy to check? At the entrance, your bag will most likely be checked to be sure you are not bringing anything dangerous into the hall. Why a lockable bag? Zipping or closing your bag will (obviously) secure anything that’s inside of it. It is harder for people to get into your bag and you will be secured from thieves. Yes, sadly, people make use of a lot of enthusiastic people close to each other. So be warned!

6. Drink water beforehand & buy a water bottle.

Clear Glass H2o Bottle
Water: a necessity for concerts.

Trust me, it is going to get hot. You are going to sweat. Therefore, you will need water, lots of it. Buying a water bottle can give you the freedom to drink whenever you want, as going to the bathroom every 20 minutes isn’t ideal.

7. Don’t dress too hot.

As I said, it is going to be hot. Like, the kind of high-school-hot-summer-day-hot, but ten times worse. If you are unlucky, like me, the employees even forget to turn on the air conditioner and you will die of dehydration (if you haven’t followed the 6th tips ;). Having layers can support your cooling down, so be prepared and don’t think: ‘oh, it is cold outside, it will be inside as well.’ No. Just, no. Trust me and wear something that’s not all too hot.

Also, if you can, bring a paper or something else with you that you can wave in your face like an actual medieval French lady (or whenever, I don’t know). This will save your precious, beautiful face from sweat.

8. Lose the fear

Then last, but certainly, certainly not least: lose the fear. Lose the fear you will look weird or people will laugh at you. You have to realize this is your night. You have been looking forward to this for quite a while and you deserve happiness. Happiness is not regretting not losing all the fear and being free at the concert weeks later. It is being yourself, the crazy you dancing to the music in your bedroom, jamming to the songs that heal your heart or break you apart. Realize that everyone is insecure. Being yourself, doing you, will only encourage others to do the same. Don’t be afraid to dance and sing, even if it isn’t quite the best. Best be embarrassed about it later, then regret it, right?

Thinking back of my past concerts has been the greatest pleasure of this day. Concerts are always this magical thing to me. Music is such a healing thing and has so much power. Seeing the artists that have helped me through difficult times or that have healed my heart, is something that gives me strength for months following.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will have the best time at your concert, too. To what concert are you going or do you want to go to? Let me know in the comments!


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