A struggle we all have is living in the now. How often do you catch yourself worrying or even thinking about the past or the future? Probably, more often than you realize. If you would count the times you are doing something you actually don’t want to be doing, you would be more surprised than you think. If you would make a list of what you do and what you love and compare the lists…

You are probably already shaking your head. No, no. I am completely wrong. Your two lists would almost be identical, right? Haha, think again. It would surprise you how many things we do but don’t love. All these situations you’ve just read all come down to one key point of mental health: staying true to yourself. Perhaps I’ve made a little detour, but you get the point. Staying true to yourself is a hard thing to do, especially in a world where everyone seems to be moving so quickly. Like they don’t care about standing still and actually living.

But you can make the change. I made a list of things you should never lose. Once you manage to keep those things in your life, you will experience stillness and happiness. Just do it. Once I started making this list, it was hard to stop. So here’s my list of things you should never lose in order to stay true to yourself.

Never lose:

  • Dancing like crazy like you used to do.
  • Singing out loud, whether you are alone or not.
  • Having actual dreams & strive for them. Work hard and never stop growing.
  • Staying in touch with your friends and family. (Be honest here and look further you’re your current position. Are there any people you would like to get in touch with again? Then do it)
  • Enjoying the rain. It is a sign you are alive. Learn to be one of those people who love every type of weather, not to be the person who always complains.
Road Between Pine Trees
  • Showing your gratitude. To your mother, that stranger, your friend or to your diary.
  • The willingness to learn. Never lose the hunger of knowledge.
  • Sleep.
  • The feeling of adrenaline when you do something you used to be scared of.
  • The feeling of warmth on your legs when you are sitting in the sun.
  • Love for certain things/activities. Don’t forget your love for reading/gardening/singing just because you don’t do it as often as you used to. Pick it back up and put your hobbies on your priorities list.
  • Curiosity. To your fashion style, the future, new languages, culture, TV-shows, the earth and everything that interests you.
  • Your favorite book.
  • Your favorite song.
Photography of Woman Listening to Music
  • Your favorite summer dress you don’t wear because you feel insecure. One day, you will wear it with confidence. And oh, how many people will be blown away.
  • Messages/gifts from your grandparents. One day you will see them as treasures and you will be glad you never threw them away.
  • Loyalty.
  • Your self-love. It is always there, you just need to find it if you haven’t already. Even if it takes two years, 104 YouTube videos, 5 speeches and 209 moments of talking to the mirror. Love yourself and learn to make that your number 1 priority. You deserve it.
  • The power to say ‘no’.
  • The power to relax & do nothing.
  • Your beliefs. (In everything, including yourself)
The universe always has your back. // H E A E L E R S podcast

Making this list with my legs in the sun and my loved ones nearby has been such a grounding moment for me. After a while of storms and confusion, I’ve finally found my own place of trueness and peace. Even if it sometimes rains in that place. Now go find it yourself with this list and your strength. Go out there and make your dream life.

Hopefully, you’ve become inspired by this article. Let me know in the comments! Or is there anything you would add? Please tell me so we can grow the best list ever.

What was your favorite thing off this list? Let me know!


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