Everyone has goals. They can be teeny tiny or big. Doing groceries or promoting in your workspace, any kind of goal is terrific if you accomplish it. Goals are an amazing thing because you can choose so many and you can still achieve them all (and you will).
Having a successful blog was and still is a huge goal for me. It was also a scary thing to do, actually setting up the blog and going all in. Having started this blog, still growing and learning about it, I started to think about the things I wish I knew before starting this journey. Things that would have made this path easier to walk.

But you don’t have to walk the same path as I had to (and others before me). I’ll make the journey easier and tell you some general (but specific) things I wish I had learned before going all in & achieving my goal. So now, you are even better prepared to be as successful in real life as you are in your dreams and to make those dreams reality. Read the 9 tips now and be successful before you know it!

9 things I wish I knew before chasing my dreams

1. It takes more time (way more)

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Planning your future, making a vision board and dreaming about your dream is all fun and games, until you look back and realize you’ve been spending weeks or months and still have not achieved major goals. Achieving your dream is not going to happen in no time. It will take up the double amount of time you planned it would… and then another 4 months, probably.

2. Motivation will not always be present (you have to just do it)

Just as with your work, chores, making major life decisions and so on, motivation to do what you have to do will not always be the first emotion you are feeling. Pretty often, you will feel repulsion toward doing the task. The one thing you have to do to get over that lack of motivation, is to simply start . Teach yourself not to procrastinate any longer, no matter how seducing the word is and how often you’ve done it before. Watch an inspirational video, read an inspiring article or scroll through Pinterest to get in the mood (I do it, too) and then simply get started.

3. You will sacrifice more than you though you would (but it will be worth it)

Chasing your dream is an amazing goal but it will take up more time, money, physical and mental space. Therefore, you will sacrifice more than you had originally planned. But that doesn’t mean it is destroying you (to make it sound super dramatic). If you dedicate your focus towards that dream, everything you’ve sacrificed, will be (100%) given back. Accept that you will lose a bit more at the start but know you will gain so much more, as well.

4.People will not believe in you (which doesn’t mean you can’t do it)

If you chase your dream and it seems impossible to achieve at first, people will (definitely) not believe in you. They will tell you it is impossible and you can better look for something more… achievable. The only reason why they don’t see you doing it, is because they don’t see themselves doing it. But where the quitters quit, the winner continues (and wins).

5. You will not believe in yourself (which doesn’t mean you can’t do it)

If the wind is not exactly blowing in your sail (yes I sang how far I’ll go and yes, I enjoyed it) and everything seems to go wrong, it is very easy to quit believing in yourself. But don’t ever let this phase become more than a phase. Watching and listening to inspirational videos and listening to some badass music (uhum, Beyonce where you at?) really does help the disbelief to vanish and the belief to appear again.

6. It’s not always fun

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As fun as the internet makes achieving goals and dreams seem, the reality is not exactly like that. Working hard and being successful in something requires doing things you might not want to do. This connects to point 2. When things are not exactly fun to do, but it will get you closer to the dream life you want to live, do it anyway and use the tips from point 2 to do them.

7. Fear can’t hold you back

Now you might think, while reading this line: how can this be a thing I wish I knew before chasing my dream? Fear can’t hold you back? Hear me out.

No matter how you are feeling, anxious, overwhelmed or scared, you can’t let that fear of failing (or another fear) stop you from working damn hard to achieve your goals. You have to teach yourself to break through those barriers who keep you from giving your all, the full 100% and to never let fear hold you back.

8. Bumps on the road will appear (a lot)

Whether it is related to your goal, like a broken computer, or something happening in your environment, like losing a family member, obstacles will definitely occur in your journey to achieve your goal. Give this obstacle your attention because obstacles are still a part of your life and you need to concur those obstacles in order to walk your path further.

9. You have to really prioritize your dream

I cannot stress this point enough and you shouldn’t, either. You will not achieve your goal and live your dream life, if you give the goal/dream 50%. You need to make the decision: do I IN CURSIVE really IN CURSIVE want to do this or is it a possibility I can always dream about? Make the decision and then prioritize what you really want. Learn to prioritize the things that really matter in your life and BLACK learn to reflect, in order to grow even further.

I am going to be honest, I wasn’t fully motivated to write this post. But thinking about these points and reflecting really lifted my spirits and I hope I was able to inspire and teach you a couple more things.

What is your dream and how are you going to achieve it? Let me know and let’s exchange tips!

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