As life goes on, things happen. Positive memories are made, lessons are learned. And besides these great things, life sometimes.. sucks. Let’s be honest, right?

When I was thinking life through and writing my feelings down, I realized there was one feeling that was like a common thread, running through every poem I’ve written recently. Love. (Wow that was surprising, heh?) Poems about unrequited love, arriving love, missing love, etc. Everything is coming down to that one word.

While writing my feelings on paper, I thought to myself: why don’t I put it online? Make a small collection of poems about love & hopefully other people will read it, relate (hopefully not in some cases:) and perhaps I help and touch a couple of people.

So here it is: my short poetry collection about love & everything that comes with it. It’s all yours now. Treat it how you want to treat it & hopefully you like this part of my heart.

What would you write if you weren’t afraid? Let me know in the comments or contact me!

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Have a good day & don’t forget to be honest on paper!

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