After years and years of calm silence, a lot of people are becoming more open to and about mental health and mental illnesses. We are acknowledging the fact that there is not just one mental illness or a couple, but that the mind is incredibly complicated and many different illnesses have come to light over the years.

I started to be more ┬┤interested┬┤ in mental illnesses as well, about three years ago. As my life got more intertwined with other people and situations and I got to learn more about life & the struggles that come along with it, I wanted to really look into it.

But then the question popped up: how?

How can I learn about mental health in the correct way? How can I be sure that what I am reading is consisting of facts and I can trust it?

That is why I decided to dedicate this blogpost to figuring out how we can all educate ourselves on mental illnesses in the right ways. As I started, I expected around 3 options but thinking about it thoroughly, I found out so many ways. Curious? Read on!

How to educate yourself on mental health & mental illnesses

Read informative books. Visit your library or do resarch online – either way, reading informative books is (obviously) one of the most helpful ways to learn more about mental health. Search the mental illness you want to read about and watch the results come!

Read fiction books. Perhaps not the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about mental health, but fiction can teach us a lot about the mind. There are plenty of books available where a character has a mental illness and reading into his/her mind can teach you a lot.

Read blogs. Although not every blog is to be trusted, many are and are as informative as one can get. For inspiration: read some of my blogs about orthorexia nervosa, diabulimia or borderline personality disorder.

Ask around. As much as reading and watching can give you loads of information, sometimes a friend is all you need to learn more about a mental illness. Perhaps you know someone who knows a lot about mental health. Don’t be afraid to reach out, it will only make them happy!

Read here!

Search Google. Okay, okay, this one is probably a bit too shallow but I have to include it. Type in any mental illness and you are to free to read anything that speaks to you. Be sure to check if the site is to be trusted though – check for any information that doesn’t make sense at all and know when to not believe articles.

Watch documentaries. While reading is helpful, sometimes seeing it on a screen and hearing people talk about it, can give you more information and insight about a certain mental illness. For inspiration: Louis Theroux has made amazing documentaries about mental health.

Listen to podcasts. A tip that I, myself, haven’t tried yet but searching around I could find plenty of podcasts about mental illnesses. Listen to them in your room, in the car or at work – your choice!

Ready to start learning more? Tell me about your experiences and tips, I would love to hear your side!

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