Welcome to my blog, Intellectual dork, where I will write about mental health, lifestyle & literature. I am personally very interested in these 3 categories and that’s why I decided to make a blog about it. Two times a week you can read a new blogpost, namely on monday & thursday, but feel free to look around every other day as well!

I’ve called my blog intellectual dork, because it  was the first thing that came to my mind, thinking about what would describe me the best. I am intellectual, meaning (how I adjust it) I am interested in situations around me, self-growth and helping other people becoming their better selves. I am ‘dorky’ when it’s just me in my room, dancing around, rapping along Eminem’s lines even though I can’t rap and probably worst (& best) of all, laughing at my own jokes, probably louder than everyone else. As I already mentioned, one of my main goals is to help & inspire others, you, by sharing information about the 3 topics this blog is about. Whether it’s books or poems, mental growth or handling life ‘better’, I hope I can add a little more knowledge to your life.

I’ve always love writing stories, ever since I was little. I probably still have all the unfinished stories somewhere on my laptop, although you probably wouldn’t want to read them, considering they are NOT good. I also enjoy writing my blog posts, figuring out what the best way is to approach a certain topic & learn from it, but I love writing poetry and songwriting as well. I love writing in general, you could say. I hope my passions come forward in this blog and that you enjoy reading this blog!

I hope to have informed you enough with this short ‘about’ & if you have any questions (requests are always welcome, too!) don’t be afraid to contact me by sending me a message through contact.

With love,