That one characteristic everyone should have

One characteristic I think is so important yet not talked about often. What it is and why I find it so important? Read on!

How waking up early changed my life (as a student)

Waking up early impossible? Waking up early stupid? NO! This article will tell you about my experience as a student who woke up at 5 AM every day and how it has changed my life + how to do it yourself!

Explaining the mental illness: diabulimia

A couple of months ago, I saw a YouTube documentary about the eating disorder diabulimia. I had never heard of this mental illness, so I didn't know anything about it. But what I learned and what I found out, was shocking. This mental illness is so incredibly dangerous, yet almost no one knows about the … Continue reading Explaining the mental illness: diabulimia

How to make big changes less scary and stressful

In a couple of months I am moving into a new house. New city, new neighborhood and a new home (duh). If I have to be honest, this kind of terrifies me, as I have absolutely no clue how that will work out and if everything is going to stay the same or my life … Continue reading How to make big changes less scary and stressful