Book review: The Handmaid’s Tale

A world where women don't have any rights & you're murdered for reading a book... Seems impossible but in The Handmaid's Tale it is reality. What did I think of this book? Read the review now here!

5 books that will conquer your heart

I love reading. But in this busy life I do not always have enough time for it. That is why I read in bed, 10 minutes before I drift off to the next fantasy world. But there are a couple books which keep me reading past those 10 minutes. Some books are so well written … Continue reading 5 books that will conquer your heart

Book review: the 5th wave

The book I will be reviewing today is┬áthe 5th wave by Rick Yancey. Surviving on your own is hard especially when your entire family has been taken away from you. This well thought out story is worthy of putting on your to-read list. I usually don't read fiction but I bought this book after seeing … Continue reading Book review: the 5th wave