the 5 most influencing women right now

From Michelle Obama to Demi Lovato, I wrote down the 5 most impactful ladies right now. Read on to discover them all!

Make your room more calm & like home with these adjustments!

How to make your room feel more like home and more relaxed/calm? That is what you are going to find out this article, so enjoy & get inspired!

What to include in your morning routine

I've spend years walking thinking I did everything right in the morning, but the entire day I would feel not awake & still tired. I would wake up and in three steps I was done with my morning routine. Breakfast, brush my teeth & change clothes. Little did I know that adding little things & … Continue reading What to include in your morning routine

Goals & why you should have them

We've all read about them, heard people talking about them and we have probably set them but what is the big deal with setting goals? Why do all successful people encourage you to set goals and what results from it? In this article I will discuss these questions on the basis of a few statements … Continue reading Goals & why you should have them