Book review: The Handmaid’s Tale

A world where women don't have any rights & you're murdered for reading a book... Seems impossible but in The Handmaid's Tale it is reality. What did I think of this book? Read the review now here!

Book review: Heart Talk – Cleo Wade

Yes! Finally another book review. It is always exciting to look at my planner and see I get to write a book review, because I just love rethinking about books I have read in the past and to form my opinion about it, again. So, let's get started, shall we? The book that will be … Continue reading Book review: Heart Talk – Cleo Wade

Poem: drowning in waters

Drowning in waters From the moment, I was born Until the moment that I die I will always believe the best in people Not because I think everyone is good But because I don’t want to see the bad Not because I want everyone to like me But because I want to like myself I’ve … Continue reading Poem: drowning in waters

5 books that will conquer your heart

I love reading. But in this busy life I do not always have enough time for it. That is why I read in bed, 10 minutes before I drift off to the next fantasy world. But there are a couple books which keep me reading past those 10 minutes. Some books are so well written … Continue reading 5 books that will conquer your heart