Book review: In Order to Live – Yeonmi Park

Talking about an escape from a country where propaganda is normal, hunger isn't unusual as well and an escape is near impossible, In Order to Live is a groundbreaking book. Read on to read my review.

5 new perspectives to brighten your life

There are moments when you feel exhausted. It feels like you are stuck in an endless circle of doing the same things every week with the same view on life. But what do you need to end that circle, you might think? Well, I'm here to tell you that. And the answer is simple: change … Continue reading 5 new perspectives to brighten your life

17 things to do when you’re sad

Whether it is for 5 minutes or 5 weeks, we all have moments where we don't feel good. Like, terrible. Sometimes you're triggered or the sadness comes to you all the sudden, but  I think we can all agree, we don't always feel good. But what do you do when you're not feeling well and … Continue reading 17 things to do when you’re sad

Artist to watch: Jessie Reyez

I will, occasionally, 'review' artists. You might find a new favorite singer to listen to or read more about a certain person. For me, it is always fun to discover new, growing artists and along the years see how far they've come and being able to say: I watched them grow. So, here's the first … Continue reading Artist to watch: Jessie Reyez

What to do when having an anxiety attack

Today I, who has been home for two days, went to town to buy a gift. As I was cycling into town I noticed my breath got irregular. I felt extremely uncomfortable and when I came home I (literally) tore off my clothes and cried while gasping for air. I've never really experienced anything like … Continue reading What to do when having an anxiety attack

Book review: the 5th wave

The book I will be reviewing today is the 5th wave by Rick Yancey. Surviving on your own is hard especially when your entire family has been taken away from you. This well thought out story is worthy of putting on your to-read list. I usually don't read fiction but I bought this book after seeing … Continue reading Book review: the 5th wave